Uggg! Coat choices. How do I keep Logan Happy AND Warm?

The "feels like" temp here this morning is 32 degrees.  It's supposed to be snowing tonight or tomorrow.  Probably not a heavy snow yet.  Hopefully.  But, it's cold!  And now that Logan is taking the bus to school, that means we have to wait at the end of the driveway.  Which means he needs to be wearing a better coat.

If you've been here before, you know he's kind of particular when it comes to clothes.  Actually, really particular.  There's no "kind of" about it.  He has set things in his mind about what he wants. 
And really, you can't blame him.  It's probably genetics.  His father just told me the other day that he "loves how strong-willed I am".  I guess when we know what we want, it's hard to change our mind.  

Logan's need for acceptance by his friends outweighs his need to stay warm.  At least in his mind.  He has this little brown fake leather jacket that we got on clearance a couple years ago.  This has become his favorite jacket.  I think it's his favorite now because the kids at school said something good about it.  But, it is NOT a winter coat.  

We have a gunmetal gray coat, like a parka, with a fur-lined hood that I think is really cool, but, I'm not seven years old.  I convinced him to actually put it on this morning, but even I laughed.  He looked like a gray Michelin man. I'm always reminded of Randy in A Christmas Story whenever I think of big snow coats!
 So, we found an old coat that the sleeves are actually getting a little short on.  It will be good enough for today.  But, he asked,  "Are my friends going to laugh at me?"  I told him that there aren't that many choices of outerwear for kids out there and that a lot of his friends probably have coats just like the one he had on.

My husband thinks we should find him a thicker coat like his leather one.  And you know what?  I think the leather one is kind of cool, too!  I would love to find one for him that's warmer and lined and has a hood for those really snowy days.  But, I've got to tell you.  .  .  I've never paid full price for outerwear for my kids.  
Ever!  I usually either get coats on sale at the end of season or from kids' resale shops.  Man, it was easier when I could just buy something and my kids would wear it without fighting or even thinking about it!  I wouldn't even begin to know where to look for a kid's lined, hooded leather coat!  It sound really specialized.  It sounds really expensive!  I think Logan might have to decide that he likes something else!
How do you guys deal with all of the "psychology" that goes along with kid's clothing decisions.  And where do you usually buy your outerwear for kids?  Department stores? specialty stores? resale shops?  Anywhere you can find it?  Are your kids as picky as mine?

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