Wordless Wednesday | Raising Circus Performers?

Let's just face it. . . these are never gonna be wordless!  I think God put me together with my husband so that I could look fear in the face and laugh out loud.  If it was up to me, my daughter would not be walking on this two by four.  And then again, if it was up to me, my kids might never be physically challenged and would probably live in a bubble.  God puts people together for a reason.  And I'm with my husband so that I can grow.  And so, at these points I have to just smile at my husband and daughter and keep my mouth closed.
And really. . . what's with the shoes?  People on balance beams are barefoot and tight-rope walkers wear ballet shoes or something.  NOT hiking boots so that they can't feel the board!
And, how do you like the addition?  LOL.  They are walking through part of my future kitchen.  Actually, those yellow lines on the floor in the first picture are my master bath.  And the room she is walking toward is the three season room.  We have decided to put french doors there instead of a slider.  I want to be able to open the doors all the way up into the sunroom if it's nice out. 
And, below. . . . someone got hold of mommy's Halloween wig.  Yep.  I never said we were normal, people!
Happy Wordless Wednesday from my house (half) full of daredevils to yours!

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