Wordy Wednesday | The day before Jaycee was born

**Warning**  Pregnant Belly

I talked the other day about how my diastisis has started bothering me again.  Seriously, I can't sleep on my side without feeling like everything is just "falling".  For those of you who have kids, do you remember the first day coming home from the hospital?  They never warned me about how my organs would feel so discombobulated.  That's how I feel again.  I think that it's getting better, because I can sleep on my left side a little bit now without feeling that way.  
But, I thought I'd show you guys pictures of how I ended up with that abdominal muscle separation.  These pictures are scary!  LOL!  Some of you might want to look away on the second one.  Jaycee was almost 10 pounds when she was born. 
The doctor literally had her foot propped up on the delivery table with her hands around Jaycee's head and neck trying to pull her out.  My stepmom was in the room with us and she said it took all she had not to go up and slap the doctor for what she "was doing to my grandbaby".  It still only took 20 minutes of pushing and Jaycee was here.  Very reluctantly.  I think the girl would have stayed inside forever.  She was such a momma's girl when she was a baby. 

And because my kids are constantly fighting and bickering now, I just love this picture of the first time they met!  My little loves.  Even with the fighting, muscle separation and still sometimes sleepless nights, it is worth it!!  I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see them.  I have been truly blessed!

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