My hubby got me exactly what I wanted!

My hubby started working a weird shift in the past week at his job.  And whether or not he ends up working on any given day depends on the weather.  They ended up not working tonight because of the lovely cold rain we've had.  So, after my day of running around, I came home and actually had a chance to take a nap.

So, around 3:00 today, I went into my room and got all snuggled up in my bed.  

One of the kids came in at one point and asked for milk.  One came in to tell me they were going to a friend's house.  Then, (cue hallelujah music) my hubby took them out of the house.

Around 6:00, I woke up and decided it would probably be good to get up.  I wandered through the kitchen and found this note.
I wandered into the computer room, checked my emails and visited a few websites.  By then, my hubby and kids were getting back.  I didn't expect them to stay out too long.  It's a school night.  

My hubby said that while they were out, he talked to the kids about getting a Christmas gift for mommy.  He asked them what they should get me.  The first suggestion was made by Jaycee--"Something for the kitchen?"  Then, I believe they said, "How about a picture of us together?" (Logan & Jaycee), to which my hubby said, "I think she has enough of those".    Then Logan said, "A new van?", to which my hubby said, "Not sure I can swing that one"  

But, they already got me the best Christmas gift ever.  I got a three hour nap and a Chipotle burrito the size of their head.  Mommy likes!  Now, I'm rested and my mouth is on fire!  Best Christmas gift EVER!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!  Only 11, 10 days to go!


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