Oh! I can't stand that baby doll!!

By now, I'm sure some of you might have your favorite and least favorite toys that your kids received for Christmas.  I have found my LEAST favorite toy!  Baby Alive.  For me, it would have been enough for the baby to talk.  But this baby eats and poops.  Yes, I said poop.  When we ran out of the first two packs of food, I was very happy!  Then, Jaycee got more food for her birthday. 

Jaycee loves this doll.  She was so cute feeding it. . . the first time.  She looked like the perfect little mommy.  
Then, she and grandma changed the diaper.

Fast forward a day and this is the scene:

Me: Jaycee, did you remember to give your baby the bottle of water after her food?
Jaycee: (at the top of her lungs) Why do I have to do EVERYTHING???
Me:  Jaycee, it's your baby and you are the one that wanted to feed her.  If you want to feed her, then you have to do it right.
Jaycee: BUT IT'S NOT WORKING!!  (commences to have mental breakdown)
Me:  Come on, we'll take her into the bathroom and see what's going on.

I am having flashes of what it might be like if she has a teenage pregnancy and am hoping that this doll might be good preemptive birth control.  I should video tape her when she's having fits about this doll and why "she has to do everything" and show it to her every year from now until she's thirty.  

So, on to the rest of our fun with the baby.  . . . We then tried to give baby Jana Shana whatever her name is the bottle.  I think we discovered that she has to be at the exact perfect angle for the water to go down her throat.  At that point, I just stuck her mouth under the faucet as the instructions said to do to make really sure that there is no food left inside the doll.  And got gooey bright yellow/green "poop" all over the bathroom.  And the "reusable" diaper that Jaycee got was a complete mess.  So, we put a size 4 real diaper on her! Just in case she pooped again.
Yesterday, Jaycee wanted to feed her doll.  Again.  So, she made the food, fed the doll, but didn't have her bottle.  We had to clean her room to find the bottle.  So that we could give the baby her bottle.  So that the food wouldn't solidify inside the baby.  And Jaycee had another mental breakdown because she didn't know where the bottle was and didn't want to find it.  

Yeah, this toy is definitely not my favorite.  You know what the funny part is?  My brother-in-law, who is a chemist, had the food analyzed so that he could make more!  Please, please, please, don't send us any more food!!! 

And, in light of all of this fun baby stuff, my husband  proceeded to tell the kids that when they grow up, if they have kids at a too-early age, he WILL NOT be taking care of their kids.  He'll be out skydiving. 

Here are some more pictures of Jaycee and the food and the doll.
Whooaa!!  You don't want this to happen with a real baby!
What was your least favorite thing your kids received this year?  Your favorite?
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