Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Last Minute Decorations

It's almost Christmas.  And all of the stores have their Christmas stuff marked down already!  If you need a few last minute decorations, here are some ideas.  I got a lot of basic little unbreakable ball ornaments from Target's One Spot this year.  I wish I would have bought more while they still had them.  They're great to throw into all kinds of things. 

I have a decorative wall hanging votive holder that I switch up for different occasions.  Usually, I just have some of my shot glasses from my shotglass collection in it.  But, for Christmas, sometimes, I use all red candles and weave some berries around the circles.  This time, I just took the shot glasses out and put some of those cheap ball ornaments from Target into the votive cups.  
Simple and Festive!
I also used the ball ornaments in a vase with some greenery stems that I bought at 70% off at Joann's.  I tied a red gingham ribbon around and voila--Christmas "bouquet".
I bought the little red tin container below at Target for $2.50 in their One Spot.  I wrapped little boxes (soap boxes, pantyliner boxes, etc.) with red and green plaid wrapping paper that Target had for $1.00.  Then throw in some greenery, a couple sprigs of berries and some of those ball ornaments and it's a centerpiece.  It will look much nicer once it's on the cute table cloth that I'm going to be making!
 For the idea below, I used a cookie tin with a clear lid that I got from Joann's.
It is my intention to drill a small hole near the edge on the bottom to hang it on a nail.  For this picture, I just taped ribbon to the back.  I'm also going to put some paper behind the decorations inside.  I don't like the "silver" background. You could really fill this with whatever strikes your fancy.  It would probably be cute with little red, white and green balls of yarn or ribbon.  It would be cute with all ball ornaments.  Or, you could even do a little winter display inside, complete with a little snowy Christmas tree.  Or maybe a scene with a Cardinal?  The possibilities are endless.
Have a plain mirror you'd like to spruce up?  This would be much punnier if I actually used greenery for this!  But, no. . . I used a snowflake ornament on a ribbon.  Just tape the ribbon to the back of the mirror and let the ornament hang in the middle.  Easy-peasy.
Of course the easiest decoration of all would be to just throw some greenery stems into a stocking.  I ended up using my greenery stems in my vase, instead.  I can run outside and cut something real if I want to keep something like this, though.
I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season!  What's your favorite easy, inexpensive decorating tip?
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