Friendship Friday at Create With Joy

It's been a long time since I've done any kind of meme-type blog hop.  Ramona from Create with Joy has invited us to join her in her brand new Friendship Friday bloghop.  So, I thought, "Why not?"
She will be posting a question of the week and then people will answer the question in a post and link up with her. 

Question of the Week
What do you love most about blogging?

This is actually a hard question for me.  I LOVE all of the people that I have met.  It has been incredible getting to know everyone.  I have made some very good bloggy friends.

But, I also love that it challenges me.  I had been a Stay-at-home-mom for almost seven years when I began blogging.    That was seven years of being a wife, mother and housekeeper.  But, I didn't really have anything of my own.  I had done some direct selling here and there.  But, I really stress myself out with those things.  I always put so much pressure on myself to succeed.  And really, I guess that's the part about blogging that I like.  I keep trying to find ways to make myself better.  But, I can do it on my own time frame.  And, I'm learning things that I might never have learned otherwise.  It's a challenge for me to dig deeper and find out the "hidden secrets" that can make this a success for me.   I think it's important to learn throughout your life.  And this has definitely been a learning process.

Okay, I know the question included the word "most".  But, that in itself is challenging, because I also love the creativity that it allows me.  Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved writing and fashion and art and math (this one doesn't come into blogging a whole lot--no wait--analytics!) and writing book reports and starting "secret clubs" and psychology and just about everything under the sun.  And with blogging, I get it all!   

So, there. . . did that answer the question?  I love the people and the challenge of learning new things and the creativity!

Thanks for the hop, Ramona!

What do YOU, dear readers, love most about blogging?
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