I'm a little bit addicted to my computer

It's hard to admit, but I really do think I'm addicted to this computer.  Thank goodness I don't own any other technology!  My phone only does basic things.  I don't own an iPad or a Kindle Fire or any other cool gadgets that might steal away all of my time.  

But, the computer!  Oh, the computer.
The other night I was catching up on some networking things and this little thing popped up that said, "Danger!  Your computer is compromised.  You need to upgrade to Vista Security 2012" -- or something like that.  I looked for my normal security program and it was gone.  I thought, maybe we have to renew it each year and it's something different now? And the computer wouldn't let me do anything until I "bought" the new version.   I didn't trust it, so I just shut my computer completely off. 

My hubby was at work.  So, I called him and asked.  I told him to look up whether there was a virus going around that disabled your normal security and tried to take over.  Sure enough there was.  So, I just left the computer turned off.

The kids were in bed already.  So, normally that's my computer time.  It was really weird not being able to be on the computer.  It is absolutely ridiculous how much I use that thing!  Every minute, I was thinking of something I needed to look up.  I'm not even kidding or exaggerating.  You know how they say guys think about sex, like every 6 seconds or something like that.  Well, I think that's how often I think about looking something up online.  I have no idea what I used to do before I had a computer!

So, what did I do with my time?  I cleaned the kitchen.  Then, I ended up trying to make a serving tray out of candy.  I saw a really cool peppermint serving tray that somebody added to my "group" Pinterest board.  I didn't even know I had a group Pinterest board that people could add things to!  But, it was really cool, so I was glad that she did.  Here's the one she added.

I tried to make a Valentine's tray.  It didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, but since I used cinnamon candies it smelled yummy!  It was my experiment.  I'd like to try again.  Here's some pictures of what I did and how the first one turned out.You can find directions by clicking the picture above which should take you to Pinterest and her blog.
While I was waiting for it to melt in the oven, it drove me absolutely bonkers not to be able to "jump online" while I was waiting.  But, it's probably a good thing that I couldn't just "jump online", because that's how I end up burning a lot of things!

Thankfully, my hubby got the computer fixed that night and I was able to get online the next day.  Whoo!

What about you?  Are you addicted to your computer?  I sure would have a much cleaner house if I didn't have a computer!
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