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There will be a big movement that begins February 16th during Mercedes Benz fashion week.  It is called Code Purple.  You can read more about Code Purple in the previous post below (Code Purple. Saving Lives one Hood-E at a time) and tweet the Post below to be entered to win a Code Purple Swag bag.  The swag bag includes a Code Purple Tshirt and a Mood Fabrics tote bag.

During the process of writing the post about Code Purple, I was given an opportunity to have Robin Crespo answer some of my questions.  You can read more about Code Purple in my post Code Purple. Saving Lives one Hood-E at a Time. Here are the questions and answers below.

1. Was the mosquito-proof fabric something you were working on before you came in contact with TTW, or was the fabric a result of your relationship with them?
Moskeeto ArmorTM was somethING that I was workING on prior to meetING and workINg with TTW. I knew we had somethING powerful but I wasn’t sure at first how, exactly, we were goING to use it. I do believe you have to just start and then let your steps become ordered. When we began workING on the project, it was not fully revealed to us exactly what direction we were ultimately goING to take with the fabric. I knew that it would save lives and help people and I knew Malaria was the target . The “how” was somethING that was a work in progress. I was put in touch with Jesse from TTW who had just come back from Africa and had contracted Malaria. When I met Jesse I also met the rest of the TTW staff and I discovered that almost all of them had contracted Malaria. As we started to explore the relationship between the two organizations, it seemed to be a perfect fit to partner with TTW.
2. I saw one of your Youtube videos and loved the concept of "tithing" for companies. Is there a short version story of how and when you became a true believer? You are doing incredible things through God now and I was just wondering if there was one thing that happened (like a lightning bolt kind of situation) or was it a gradual transition?
I was the dash before the ING (-ING) and one night I was driving home from just finishING a runway show and I got into a car accident. I was spared and walked away without a scratch, but my car suffered about $12,000 worth of damage. In the mornING I went outside and as I stared at the car, I couldn’t even understand how I drove it home. I asked God what he wanted from my life and then inside my inner man, in my Spirit, I heard “I want you to design for Me”. “What does that mean?” I thought, and I immediately dismissed it and went back to bed. After that incident, a series of things happened that made it hard to deny I was beING pursued relentlessly. For example, once I was went to purchase fabric and was refused for no apparent reason. So I submitted to what I heard that mornING after my car accident and I moved the dash from in front of the -ING to under the G.
3. I know that Code Purple is your main project right now. Are there any other projects that are touching your heart that you would like to work on in the future?
Code Purple Event is a movement. Eventually just as everyone went Green, they are goING to have to go PURPLE. We have a few other things that are comING out but most importantly, all of our products that will be released will center on social justice. We are re-releasING our bathING suit line tied to teachING kids to swim/surf and cleanING local beaches and we have a shoe/sneaker we are workING on that will blow people away.
4. You are Christian-based and say that you only work with Christian artists right now. Will the fashion show that will be part of this event reflect that? What can we expect?
The occasion I made that statement was an interestING time for me. After my car accident when I was unable to even buy fabric, I felt it was safe for me to only work with Christians at the time. However, over that year it was revealed to me that we are called to LOVE, not exclude people; we are called to be light. You will definitely see how inclusion and LOVE supersede all else and how we can ultimately and truly serve others with that perspective. 

Here is how you can follow the movement!
Code Purple website:

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