Upcycle Project | From Oatmeal Container to Love Box for Hugs & Kisses

Future Fashionista has been having a hard time sleeping in her own room now that vacation is over.  Over the break she and The Builder spent the night in the same room most of the two weeks.  Now that she has to sleep by herself it's hard.  And she's at the age when she's becoming scared of the dark and monsters.

  I always thought it was funny when The Builder became scared of the dark, because he had never been scared before.  Then someone told me that it was common for kids to become scared of the dark.  So, it didn't really surprise me that FF was "suddenly" afraid of the dark.

The other night, it was a very long process trying to get her to go to sleep.  You can read the story below, but here's what we came up with!

There was lots of crying and asking for more songs or for me to lie down with her.  I had two shirts on, so I ended up giving her one of my shirts to keep with her for the night.   Somehow, I ended up giving her my soft, fuzzy, pink robe, too.  I left the room and thought that hopefully we were done.  Then, a couple minutes later we heard her crying in her room.  I went back to check on her.  She was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't understand her.  Then, I finally realized she was saying, "All of it flew away."
  I asked her "all of what flew away".  . . . "All of the love.  All of the love that you gave me flew away."  I had put hugs and kisses into the shirt that I had given her.  And apparently, it had flown away.

So, I told her that we would have to find something to keep the love in.  She had an old oatmeal container that we put all of the kisses in.  So, we've been loading the oatmeal container up with kisses the last couple nights.  And today we started putting hugs in, too.  And, we decided to decorate her "Love Container". 

We covered it with scrapbook paper and cut out hearts to glue on.  We are still planning on covering it with glossy Mod Podge as well.   After it was made and we were getting things ready for dinner, she came up and said, "I filled it with some things.  Guess what it is?"  "I don't know.  What?"  "Socks!  Your socks!"  "Clean or dirty socks, Jayce?"   "Clean".  Alrighty then!

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