Organization Mission: Bathroom Closet

I have a pretty good sized closet in my bathroom.  But, it had been a while since I had organized it.  Before I started this organization project, I would open the door, grab what I need as quickly as possible, slam the door shut and hope for the best.  Sometimes, when I opened the door things would fall out at me.  It was beginning to be a hazard!  So, Jaycee and I started our organization process last week.  I still have to do the top shelf.  But, we've made good progress so far.

Here is what it looked like before we began. Look at that mess on the bottom.  Yeesh!
We started by taking everything out of the closet. 
This is no small task because I used to be a couponer/stockpiler.  So, I have lots of body washes, shampoos and conditioners.  And razors.  I have run out of toothpaste, so I don't have any overstock of that.  I do however have lots of floss for some reason.

Once we had everything out, I washed the floor, shelves and walls.

Then, I looked for new storage solutions.  I didn't want to spend any extra money.  So, I looked for things that I already had in the house to store things in.

I ended up using these clear pretzel canisters to store cotton balls and dental supplies.  I made a label in my Word program and glued it on to the canisters.  I wish I would have seen these printable labels from BHG before I did this!
 I reused a jar from a candle to store Qtips in.
 I used a salad container to put my shaving supplies in.
And a strawberry container corrals our bandaids.
I put soaps and body washes in a storage container I already had that was not being used to it's full potential.
I had another one that I used for shampoos in the bottom of the closet.  I would eventually like to use 2 more of those clear pretzel containers to store rolled wash cloths and rolled hand towels.  My little wire basket is not big enough.

On the floor, I used a shelf that used to be part of an over the toilet etagere.   It was getting old and rusting all over the place on the bottom.  So, we just got rid of the bottom part and used the shelf to better organize the things that were all jumbled together on the floor.
I also had a 3 section drawer organizer that I put all of my every day items in(leave in conditioner, contact solution, brushes, combs, bath & body items, etc) so that they can be front and center.  Here is how my closet looks now.  Everything is not matchy-matchy cute, but it's definitely an improvement!
And of course, organizing this led to other organizing.  That little drawer cabinet had all kinds of jewelry in it.  So, when I took the jewelry out, I had to organize my jewelry boxes.  My next organization projects need to be my top dresser drawer and my miscellaneous/baking cabinet in the kitchen!

Which organization projects do you need to work on?
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