Our New Year's Eve

We had a wonderful time with friends on New Year's Eve.  It was a very small, intimate party.  But, sometimes that's much more fun.

The kids played Wii Just Dance 3.
Well, the adults did, too.  I just don't have pictures of that.  Just Dance kicks my booty!  That is actually my main workout plan this year.  That and my treadmill.

Me and my friends--who are awesome, by the way.  They both ran the Warrior Dash twice last year.
  And they will be doing the Tough Mudder this year.
My friends got an Indo Board for Christmas, so all the guys were balancing on it.
Yeah, sure. . . you can balance on it.  But, what else can you do?  Can you balance and juggle?
Okay. . . so. . . you can balance and juggle at the same time.  But, can you do that while we throw a big ball at you?
Then, after the clock struck midnight, five of the adults went into the pool for a "plunge".  I'll have to have those awesome ladies above explain that one to you!  I refuse to do it, because the pool was too cold for me in the summer time.  I'm not getting my little body in that pool in the winter time. 

Happy New Year!!  Jaycee fought me over this sequin dress and won.  She actually kept it on the whole night!  She also raided mommy's costume jewelry earlier in the day.  She was all sparkled up for the New Year.  

Hope your New Year's Eve went well and I wish you joy, health and prosperity in the new year.  God's Blessings to you and yours!

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