Pretty up a Plain Ol' Jar Candle | Valentine Craft

I have been creating lots of handmade Valentine Crafts around here!  I'm having so much fun doing it!
Here is an idea to dress up a plain jar candle that you can get from a store.  I can get these larger jar candles from a local craft store for about $4- $5.
What you'll need
Jar candle
Hot glue

I started mine by placing the end of yarn in a dab of hot glue.  I glued a couple more places about 2 inches apart on the first wrap.  Then I wrapped the yarn, pulling it tightly, as close to the wrap beneath it.  Hold the yarn in your hand and turn the jar.  When I got to the top, I glued the end with a dab of hot glue again.  I glued a ribbon around the top and bottom of the yarn to cover the spots where the hot glue was.  I cut a heart out of felt and glued it on.  Then I made a little bow.  And voila!  Cute Valentine Candle.

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