Alarm Clock? Hellooooo?

This morning definitely didn't go as planned.  I have no idea why, but my alarm clock did not go off.  No beep, beep, beep.  No hitting snooze once, twice, ten times.  No getting up and getting my coffee and checking the computer before my "real" day began.  

Nope.  I woke up to the sounds of crying.  And you know that point where you're kind of waking up and you just know that it's late.  You know that it's way past the time that you're supposed to be awake?  I woke up thinking "Good Grief!  I guess Logan's gonna be late for school!  I wonder what he's going to miss?!?"  

I looked at the clock in my confusion and it was 8:15.  Whoo!  That's enough time to get both kids up, fed, dressed and to school on time.  We can do it!!

Why did I wake up to crying, though?  Logan saw his bus stop at our house and then leave.  Logan can not stand to miss his bus, because he doesn't like walking into the school without his bus friends.  So, he laid in his bed and cried.  And then, when Jaycee went into his room, she accidentally stepped on? Knocked over? one of his LEGO projects and it broke apart.  

This day did not start well.  He continued to cry.  Mommy said some things I shouldn't have said.  There's just a part of me that does not understand why he cries for SO long sometimes.  And it's that nasally, crying, whining, "Oh, woe is me" attitude that just drives me up a wall.  I have no patience for the "woe is me" attitudes that happen so much.  And for some reason, it just strikes a nerve with me. (hmmm. . . pretty sure it was the way I was raised.  My dad even told my kids, "You aren't gonna get any sympathy from me and your mom never got any from me".  So, I guess we're not really a sympathetic bunch.  That attitude must have trickled down to me. . . just ask my husband or step-mom)   I understand Logan needs time to be sad about it and to process it, but it seems like it takes so long!  I guess I need to understand that he's only seven years old and he's still learning how to process these things.  And with it irking me so much, I probably am not giving him the tools he needs to deal with it.  I guess I see what I need to work on next.  Any good ideas for books specifically about that subject?

Jaycee was like a little angel.  Because not everyone in the house is allowed to be miserable at the same time.  It's like the good cop-bad cop parenting thing we've got going on.  If one of the parents is cranky and yelling, then the other parent, by default has to be the kind, concerned, calm one.  There is not allowed to be two cranky parents at once.  So, Jaycee was our calm, kind presence this morning.

We all tried to hit the "reset" button before we walked out the door.  I hope his day gets better!  Poor little guy.  

I was just saying on Facebook yesterday that there needs to be more time in the day!  But, today I started with two hours less.  I guess my body needed the sleep.  This cold is getting a little more intense.  Everyone in our house has had some form of a cold in the past two weeks.  It started with a cough in Logan.  Then, Jaycee got a cough.  Then daddy got a runny/stuffy nose.  I had a sore throat for 2 days and was hoping that was going to be it.  But, now my nose is stuffy/runny as well and I've been sneezing.  

I guess my alarm clock not going off was the universe's way of trying to slow me down so that my body can rest.

I hope everyone else's day got off to a better start!  Now, if I could just figure out why that alarm clock does that every once in a blue moon.  Maybe I just need to get a new one!!!

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