Happy New Month! Resolution check-in

Well, it's been a whole month since the beginning of the new year!  I didn't really make any "set in stone" resolutions this year.  I had some general ideas of what I'd like to improve.  It seems like I started the year gangbusters, but now I'm moving into hibernation mode!

I can't seem to find my motivation recently.  I did start working out last week, so that's good. 

But, it is so tough getting out of bed an hour and a half earlier than the kids to get some "extra" stuff done.
  I would rather just snuggle under my covers and stay warm. And that extra hour and a half is usually when I do a little "catching up" on my blogs, so. . . .  I will eventually make it around to everyone's blogs to catch up.  I miss you guys!

I've been working on some organizing projects around the house.  Although I'll have more room in the house once the addition is done, I have no room now.  So, I need to come up with some new systems!  I tore my entire bedroom closet apart the other day and bought some new bins to organize craft stuff.  I just need to find the time to finish the project! Plus, I still need to finish that top shelf in the bathroom closet.  Then, from there I need to organize and throw out makeup from my countless makeup boxes/bags.  And eventually, organize the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.  AND, the drawers of my dresser.

As most of you know, I've started to grow my gray out!  You can keep up with that journey over at Fit, Fun and Fashionable after 40.  I decided to do that because I'm so tired of coloring!  Plus, I would like to expose myself to fewer chemicals this year if possible.  Along those lines, I am going to try to buy fewer and fewer canned goods this year.  .  .  all of that BPA lining in the cans.  .  . eek!!

I'm still working on a couple Valentine projects.  Well, I'm not technically working on them.  I still have a couple projects in mind if I ever find the time to do them!  

And today, I'm going to quit sugar.  If I remember.   So, I wrote it on my hand.  That way, if I go to eat something, I'll see it and PUT. THE. SUGAR. DOWN.
Maybe I should write it with permanent marker.  Or get it tattooed on.  

How are your resolutions going?  It's been a month! 

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