How to add the Stumble Button to Posts on Blogger

Have you seen blog posts that have the "Stumble" buttons in the posts?  Would you like to add them to your posts?  I joined a Stumble hop last week, but some of the people who joined did not have a Stumble button in their posts, which made it much harder for me to stumble their posts.  Want to make it easier?  Use the directions below to add the buttons automatically to your posts.  These directions are for Blogger only.  If you know how to do it in Wordpress, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

Directions to Add Stumble Button to your posts with Blogger

1. From your Main Blog Page, Hit "Design" to get to the screen below or go through your Dashboard.

2. Click on "Settings"
3. From the "Settings" tab, Click on "Formatting"
4. Scroll to the bottom and enter the HTML (listed below these directions) for the buttons in the "Post Template" box.
5. Hit "Save Settings"

HTML for the Stumble button

Copy and paste this code into the "Post Template" box for the Stumble Button:
Note:  Copy and Paste this below, and change all " [ " to " < " and all of the " ] " to " > "

[script src=""][/script]

Happy Stumbling! 

While you're here, you can also find out how to add the "Pin It" button to individual posts!

If you have any posts that you would like Stumbled, Tweeted, +1ed or shared in some other way, link up to the New "Share & Share" hop!  You can link up to 4 posts each week and we'll share them for you!

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