LEGO freak in your house? Alternatives to buying more Kits

Do you have a LEGO freak in your house?  You might have a LEGO freak in your house if any of these apply to you.

  1. Do you have nightmares about being buried alive underneath a pile of LEGOs?  
  2. Have there been times when you've picked up LEGOs and thrown them across the room because a LEGO just inflicted major pain to the bottom of your foot? 
  3. Do you have random LEGOs in EVERY room of your house?
  4. Do you have pictures of the many LEGO creations that have been built in your house?
  5. Do you curse the day you bought that first LEGO kit for your child?
  6. Have you had to purchase more than 5 bins to put LEGO bricks in?
  7. Have you ever found a LEGO in your shoe?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably have enough LEGOs in your house.  But, I bet your child still asks for LEGOs for every birthday and holiday and a lot of times, just because it's a Wednesday.  So, what can you do when you just don't need any more LEGO bricks, but your child is still interested in building bigger and better things?

There are design books out there that give you ideas and instructions for building things with the bricks that you already own!  Logan received two for Christmas and he and my husband just purchased another one on Amazon.  

Here are the three books that we own.

Also, if you don't already subscribe to LEGO Club magazine, it's FREE!  Logan looks forward to receiving his every two months.  He asks me about twice a week whether or not he got one in the mail.  They have LEGO Club Jr. for kids under 7.  Logan's automatically upgraded to LEGO Club magazine once he turned 7.  We didn't have to do anything.  He also got a really cool DVD in one of his Fall issues.  He loves that thing!  And it was FREE!

He also enjoys watching the videos and playing the games online at

You can also find cool stuff at  the Mega Bloks website.

What other ways do you enjoy building bricks without adding to the amount you already have?

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