Netflix and my Hubby = Good Stuff!

My hubby and I have very little in common.  I like to be a passenger on boats.  He gets boat sick.  He likes jumping out of airplanes.  I'm more than likely never going to do that.  He likes gory action adventures.  I like Romantic comedies.  He listens to books on tape because he can't stand to read.  I can't stand to hear someone else's voice read to me.  I would rather read the book myself.  He sweats when it reaches 60 degrees out.  I put sweaters on once it goes down to 72 degrees.  I love spicy food.  It gives him heartburn.  

Usually if he watches something on TV, I try to make my way through it to spend time with him.  But, usually, I'm like. . . "I could be blogging right now"   

He threw the Wii remote at me one night and I put on "Breaking Bad".  We had seen it one time during the regular season or as a repeat on whichever station it comes on.  So, I decided to watch "Breaking Bad".  He said, "This is what you chose?  Really?"  But, we both ended up watching the entire episode and then watched 2 more episodes.  Now, we're about half way through the amount of episodes that Netflix has available.  We are going through about 2 - 3 episodes a night. 

It is now how we spend our mommy-daddy time together.   And we can't wait for the kids to go to bed so that we can watch it.  I don't know what we're going to do when we run out of episodes.  Because we'll never be able to watch it the "real" way with commercials and having to wait an entire week between episodes.  We decided that we'd just find a new series to watch.  Then we'll wait for the next season available to come out on Netflix for Breaking Bad.  We're spoiled now, afterall!

But, it is nice that we have something that we can do together now, even if it is watching TV.  

If you're married, what's one thing that you and your hubby do together?

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