Not so Wordless Wednesday | Pictures from the Last Week

Here are some pictures from the last week.  

I tried to make a Valentine Fudge.  The outside fudge was yummy!  Very easy recipe.  
Warm up 1 can of sweetened condensed milk over medium/low heat and melt a 12 0z. bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips into it.  Once it's smooth and creamy, pour it into a pan and put it in the refrigerator for a half hour. YUMMO!
The middle fudge to make the heart?  Didn't turn out so well, so I won't tell you what I did!
Future Fashionista and I took goofy pictures of ourselves. I was trying to get my 5-week pic of my gray roots and wanted to get a picture of FF's new Pixie cut. So, here are the many, many faces of FF.  Mad, happy, sad, confused. . . she's a goofball.  And I'm kind of goofy too!
And just in case you're wondering. . . . this is what happens when a 5 year old asks for makeup for her birthday.  We finally went and used her Toys R Us gift card last week and she wanted to find "makeup".  She is so good at managing the amount of money that she has to use.  We knew she wanted  makeup, so we got that and then mommy kept a tally in my head for how much money she had left to use.  She picked out a couple things that she "would come back to if she didn't find anything else".  I would tell her when something was too expensive and we would keep looking.  She was very thoughtful in her decision making.  
But, anyway. . . back to what happens when a 5 year old gets makeup. . .
she dresses up mommy
and herself. I think they should make kids' makeup in different colors than pink, blue and purple.
This past weekend, we got a good amount of snow.  So, a snowman came to life.  (Now he's completely melted again--Crazy weather!)
And yesterday, it was pretty warm, so we went to the park.  You can really see the gray roots in this picture!
Happy Wednesday!!
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