Presenting Future Fashionista "Sparkles"

Future Fashionista and I are getting ready to run to the store to get snacks.  Tomorrow is her snack day at school.  We took our showers, dried our hair.  I was just going to check my emails quickly before finishing getting ready.  Then, I hear, "Introducing Future Fashionista "Sparkles"" She hid in the shadows and then jumped out!  Here's what I saw
Okay.  I don't know how long I've been checking my emails.  But, it hasn't been that long!  I told her, "Future Fashionista, we're about to go to the store!"  And she replied, "I know.  I'm going like this"

But, wait!  There's more! 
Good Grief!  For more pictures of her "creativity", see the following posts.

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