50 Before Fifty

I've seen a lot of people do 30 before Thirty or 40 before Forty Lists.  I should have started and done mine before I was 42.  Because, now I have to do a 50 before Fifty.  Good Grief!  Seriously?  Come up with 50 things that I'd like to accomplish in the next 8 years?  Here's what I've come up with so far.  I guess I'll have to keep thinking about it.  These are in no particular order.

  1. Do 20 real push-ups.
  2. Walk/Run a 5K
  3. Take a self-defense class.
  4. Take a dance class.
  5. Take voice lessons.
  6. Have something published (anything--no plans on this yet)
  7. Go completely gray without any backsliding.
  8. Drive historic route 66.
  9. Use my passport again.
  10. Go to the firing range and don't chicken out--actually shoot the gun.
  11. Do the world's longest garage sale.  Well, not the whole thing I guess.  There's just not enough time in a 4 day weekend to do all of those states!
  12. Read every book that I have on my shelves as of right now--March 20, 2012--no fair adding any books.  Suppose I should make an inventory. ;)  Or get rid of the books that I don't really want to read.  Good chance to purge.
  13. Be able to sew a collar on.
  14. Be able to sew a zipper in.
  15. Be able to sew button holes.
  16. Get at least 10 more states with my hubby.
  17. Go on another cruise.

Good Grief!  I still have 33 more to go?  I'm gonna have to keep thinking. . . .

Have you made a "___ before ___ list?"  


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