Kitchen Reminiscing---and a peek at our addition

We're trying to duplicate most things in this kitchen, except that we think we'll have solid black granite counter and island tops.  We're having a hard time finding floor tile that is exact.  The ones in this picture were 15" gray/tan bisque.  .  . mainly gray.  The cabinets should be very similar.  

Right now, we're having issues about where to put the refrigerator. 
We were standing out there today and decided it "sure would be nice if there was another window on this wall."   The sunroom is directly off the kitchen.  We'll have french doors, which will be very nice.  But, it would be nice to have more windows as well.  But, the "extra" window would be right where the fridge is going.  And it is, according to my hubby,  the only place the fridge can go.  It seems absolutely ridiculous to me that we're going to have this huge kitchen, but here we are with only one spot to put the fridge.  Oh well!  It will still be nice.  Love that it will be done some time this year!

Here are some pics of what things look like now.  I don't expect that you'll really be able to tell anything!  But, I'll show anyway, because it's been a while since I've done any remodeling updates.

This is the wall I would like another window on.  You can see the space for the french doors there.
This will be the sunroom.  Of course, the plywood will be gone and it will be all windows.  Hubby is hoping to get the windows and possibly the french doors this weekend.
Looking at it from where hubby's room will be.
This room will be my craft room.  Right now it houses my hubby's bowflex.  
This will be the Master bedroom
And this will be the Master bath.  All ceilings will be standard 8 ft. height or whatever standard is.  No high ceilings unfortunately, but at least that will be good on our gas bill!  Right now, we're trying to decide between a Jacuzzi tub or a  soaking tub.  Everyone has said that they never use their jacuzzi tubs.  So, I'm fine with a soaker tub.  I just wish I could get something with a heater to keep the water warm!
Well, it's messy.  And we're still not agreed on some things.  But, it will be done sooner than we had thought.  So, that's good!

Do you have any household projects going on?

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