Lake to Lake Trail -- Cleveland Metroparks

My hubby has been working weird shifts and has been sleeping in the mornings.  So, Jaycee and I have been trying to leave the house so that we don't make noise.  Yesterday's excursion was to a thrift store, McDonald's for oatmeal and then to the Lake to Lake Trail.  It's a trail the Metropark system created to link the two prehistoric wetland "lakes" in Cuyahoga County.  It has a boardwalk that goes over Lake Abram at the Lake Abram end.  It also has a man-made pond and a small playground for kids that has a replica of a mastadon skeleton.  We've never walked the entire 2.7 miles because every time we've gone it's been impromptu and we haven't been prepared.  Plus, I don't want to walk the whole thing, because you have to cross a busy road at one point.  And I'm not ready to do that with kids.  Here are some pics from our little excursion! You can enlarge any of the "info" pics below if you're interested in knowing anything else!

Do you guys have nature trails where you are?  There are so many around here.  It's one of the great things about living in Northeast Ohio.


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