Our trip to the FL Keys

Okay.  Funny story.  Well, not really funny.  And not actually a story at all.  My hubby and I went to the Florida Keys two weeks ago.  It's the second year that we've gone.  We don't have to pay for the condo, so the only thing we have to pay for is transportation down there and food while we're there.  And, since we drive, we get to see my family in Central Florida and we leave the kids there with my family.  So, Mike and I get four nice days to ourselves.  

The funny thing about leaving the kids is that I never get that feeling that other parents talk about.
  You know. . . that feeling like you're "missing something" when the kids aren't there?  I have friends who say it takes them two or three days to get used to the fact that the kids aren't there.  They feel like they're "looking" for them or forgot them somewhere.  I don't feel that when they're gone.  I leave my kids and all of that behind and enjoy myself.  I think we only called home once.  I trust my family.  I know they have my kids' best interest at heart.  If anyone loves my kids as much as I do, it's our family.  So, they were in good hands.

If I was smart, I would have been blogging everything about our trip in the Keys.  But, my hubby doesn't like me to use his laptop for blogging.  He's afraid all of the "stuff" will gunk up his computer.  And I don't blame him.  

We did some of the same stuff we did last year.  We went to the Keys Fisheries again so that he could get a Lobster Reuben.  And I had the Key Lime Scallops.  I think I had some kind of Key Lime something last year, too, because as I was eating it, I was remembering that it was too lime-y last year and too lime-y this year.  

I never did get my Key Lime Pie this year.  Bummer.  But, life goes on.  We did end up going to Key West again.  But, we weren't planning on going to Key West.  And, we just "ended up" there one day.  We didn't have anything but the clothes on our back.  But, we decided to get a hotel and stay the night.  We had a really good time.  

We tried to take pictures of ourselves at every restaurant we went to.  Last year we bought groceries and were going to cook at the condo most nights.  This year, we never even made it to a grocery store.  But, we did have lots of great seafood.  I did finally get a Lobster Reuben at a place called "Porky's"  (I think) for lunch on our way back from Key West.  It was pretty good.  I'd probably get one again.

Everyone asked us what we did while we were down there.  Mike thought about going deep sea fishing one day or SCUBA diving.  But, we ended up doing nothing.  And it was perfect.  Four days of not having to get up to an alarm clock.  Four days of not having to wake up and make breakfast for two hungry little people.  Four days of not having to hear "I'm hungry" every twenty minutes.  .  . of not having to hear the kids arguing, crying, whining, fussing, yelling, pouting, acting like a teenager.

It. Was. Wonderful.

It was also wonderful to see our kids when we got back.  They had a wonderful time in Florida with my family.  

Back to the pictures.  We tried to take pictures of ourselves at all the restaurants we went to.  And every single one of them turned out blurry.  Even when someone offered to take our picture for us, it turned out blurry!!  The only pictures that turned out in the entire 160 something pictures were the pictures of the chickens in Key West.  Okay, they weren't the only pictures that turned out.  But, none of Mike and I did.  So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the blurry and not-so blurry pictures from our trip.

And this last one was of Logan after he threw up the first time on the 19 hour trip back.  That cooler?  Um, yeah. . .
Back to reality, people.  Back to reality.  There was no gentle ease back.  Poor little guy.  But, we all survived.  And now, we're all back into the swing of things.  And it's snowing.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  Do you have a favorite tropical location?

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