Pattern Mixing at it's Best (hehe) & other updates

Jaycee has a unique way with clothes.  She's funny.  And her explanation of this outfit was, "These were the only long-sleeve things I could find."  We were leaving the house and she had a bathing suit on.  And it was cold here yesterday, so I told her to put something warm on.  And . . . so. . . here it is! 
She was mad because "she didn't want Logan in the picture".  Oh, Jaycee!  My Jaycee.

She has also been wanting to pretend for the last couple days that we're having an Easter party.  We've already put our decorations up, but she still wants to decorate more.  So, she came into the office this morning and said, you know those glass things?  I'm thinking, "Uh-oh". . . what happened?  Can I put Easter Eggs in them?  Oh!  The decorative wall candle thingy?  Yes.  You can put eggs in them.  You might remember when we had Christmas ornaments in them at Christmas.  This decorative wall candle thingy was one of the best purchases I ever made.  It was originally black, but we spray-painted it silver for our last remodel at the old house.
50 Before 50 Updates
I had some Amazon Gift Certificates that I needed to use, so I used them today to get some stuff for my "50 Before Fifty List"

I purchased a rotary cutter set for my quilt making adventures.
I purchased Citric Acid to make Mozzarella Cheese--I already have the Rennet
I bought a "bridge" camera that's higher than a point & shoot but not a full-blown DSLR
I bought photoshop software.

Also, last week, Jaycee had a field trip to a Music store, so I have one of their catalogs for the violin stuff.  Oh yeah!  That one is one I'm adding.  I still have 20 more things to come up with and that was one of them. 

So, here are some additions.
31.  Try to learn the violin.  All I have to do is try. . . I don't have to be good.
32. Plant spring bulbs in our yard.

Guess I still have 18 to come up with!!!

Have you started your list yet?

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