St. Patrick's Day Tutu with Link to Tutorial

My hubby's brother is coming into town this weekend and his birthday is actually on St. Patrick's day.  He has been waiting a very long time to take my kids to the St. Patrick's day parade, which is huge in Cleveland.  
I was in Joann's the other day and they had their St. Patty's day decorations and costumes on sale 50% off.  So, I grabbed a couple things.
  I got a wig and fairy wings for Future Fashionista.  So, I decided I'd make a tutu for her also.  This tutu is not quite done yet.  I'm going to add green glitter shamrock's to the bottom of some of the white tulle.  I'll get a picture of her entire ensemble the day of the parade so that you can see everything!

I could have made this a tutorial, but there are so many tutu tutorials out there already, I decided to link to someone else and spread the bloggy goodness. Notes:  I used 1" elastic cut to 21" and sewed the ends together to make it 20" around.  I cut my tulle to 24" for each piece and only attached one 24" piece at a time.  I found it useful to stick a pencil on top of the elastic to pull the knots tighter without bunching the elastic.  (you'll see how to pull the tulle through in the posts below)

You can find tutu tutorials at 

We also tried to paint shamrocks on Future Fashionista's fingernails yesterday.  This is no easy feat since she doesn't sit still long enough to let her nails dry.  By the time we were done, at least half of the shamrocks were messed up.  And I couldn't get a good photo of them.  I am becoming more and more frustrated with my photography skills lately!  I'm thinking about buying a new DSLR camera and reading a lot of photography tutorials!

Do you guys do anything special for St. Patty's day?

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