Stuffed Shells | The kids loved them!

Remember when I did that menu plan Monday a couple weeks ago?  I linked to a recipe for stuffed shells.  I never ended up making them that week because my hubby was on weird shifts at work.  I was at GFS today and decided to get cottage cheese.  And if you've shopped at GFS before, you know it wasn't a small container.  So, I remembered about the shells in the pantry and the recipe that called for cottage cheese.  And dinner was a major success.   It's hard for me to cook things that everyone in this house will like.  I like everything.  The kids are. . . well. . .  kids.  They're a little less adventurous.  Logan almost turned his nose up at these, but tried them and went back for seconds and thirds.  I think next time I'll try to make it even more less fat with a low-fat or fat-free mozarella.  I used low-fat cottage cheese and organic pasta sauce.  The only way I could make it even better for us is if I could find whole wheat shells.  You know how I love my whole wheat pasta!  Is there such a thing?
Here's the link to the Recipe

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