Water Bottle Whistle Music

Here's another great project we got from Disney's Family Fun magazine--and No!  I am in no way affiliated.  This blog is where I'm going to scour every magazine and book I have to come up with cute crafts and recipes to post.  I get around 14 magazines a month.  Luckily, some of those are about to expire.  Because, truthfully, I just don't have time to read them all!  But, I loooove Family Fun magazine because they always have something cute and creative to share.  So, from Family Fun's September issue, we bring you.  . .  .  .  . . 

Music lessons from soda bottles!

We simply drank way too many Pepsis for our health (well, I did.  The kids aren't allowed!)
Then, once we had the 8 bottles that we needed, we removed the labels.  They were 20 oz. bottles.  I'm sure any 20 oz. bottles would work.

Then, we made labels with the numbers, notes and ounces of water needed on shipping labels. 
We attached the shipping labels to our bottles, lined them up and tried to make music.  

The lower note bottles seemed to work better.  We couldn't get the higher notes to actually make a whistling sound.  But, you could still tell that the bottles with the least amount of water were low notes and that the ones with the most water were high notes.

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