Why all the Fashion posts Michelle?

I've decided to create a challenge for myself.  I'm going to post an outfit/collection/set a day.  Every day that I can as long as I'm not on vacation.

Okay, so it's not really a challenge for me, as much as it is a fun escape at any given point during the day.  You see. . . I was a fashion major.  I started out as a design major.  But, my dad and I had a difference of opinion one morning and he called me to tell me that I was cut off as far as college money was concerned.  We didn't have any bad feelings about it.  We went about our daily business after that and I still loved him dearly.  He did what he felt he needed to do.  And I did what I felt I needed to do.  I dropped out of classes that semester and withdrew from school.  I found a job at a retail store and was made an assistant manager within 6 weeks.  

About a year or year and a half after that, I decided that I was making enough money to go back to school and take some classes.  So, I re-enrolled.  But, taking design classes and working full time was not working out for me.  So, I switched to a basic fashion degree program.  The basic fashion degree pulls classes from both design and from merchandising.  If I knew now what I knew then, I would have completely switched to Fashion Merchandising and done an internship OR stayed with Fashion Design.  But, such is life. 

I told you ALL of that, just to say that I still adore fashion.  But, I don't have money to spend on fashion and truthfully would still wear my jeans and tshirts every day anyway.  I just love putting collections and outfits together.  That was the most fun part of any of the fashion jobs that I've ever had.  

So, I'm "challenging" myself to create a collection, set or outfit a day on Polyvore and post it to my blog.  So, if you start seeing all of these "outfit" posts, that's why! 

You can find all of my creations so far in my Daily Fashion posts label!


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