11th day without Coffee! My new restrictive diet.

I am on my 11th day without coffee!  I am trying that crazy diet again.  What diet?  Well, it's an extremely restrictive diet.  I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the anti-candida diet, but it's crazy restrictive.  The point of the diet is to try to get the yeast/fungus (ewww, gross, I know!) in your body to die off.  In my very first post, I discussed the 4 things I was going to try to do last year.  The fourth one was to try to take care of my "embarrassing" health issue.

Well, that embarrassing health issue is my toenail.  Or, more accurately 2 to 3 toenails.  You see. . .  while I was pregnant with Logan, I developed a toenail fungus.  I don't know if it had to do with me being glucose intolerant or if it was the wacky hormones, or a combination of both.  Whatever it was, the climate was right in my body for it to happen.    It's really embarrassing to me and I never wear sandals anymore.  

I went to the podiatrist after Logan was born, but the podiatrist wanted me to go on Lamisil for 6 months.  Six months!!  So, needless to say, I haven't done it.  My dermatologist told me that I would only have to be on for 3 months.  But, she also said it doesn't always work for everyone.  I have heard of friends that it didn't work for.  I also have friends that it did work for.  But, I just don't want to do it.  I don't like any drugs that you have to have your liver enzymes checked once a month for.  That just doesn't sound good.

While researching several years ago, I ran across the anti-candida diet.  It can also be called the anti-yeast diet.  The yeast in your body can apparently wreak all kinds of havoc, causing everything from fatigue, to yeast infections to toenail fungus.  Many people believe it causes far worse things.  I'm not sure if I believe everything that those people claim.  But, the science makes sense to me.  

Yeasts, molds and fungus are all related.  And yeasts thrive on sugar. So, with this diet, I am supposed to cut out all sources of sugar, including fruit, grains, beans, and the list goes on. . . for the first couple weeks.  I've tried the diet before and made it 5 weeks.  But, 5 weeks wouldn't be long enough for me to tell if it was working for my nails.  

I'm really going to try to do it out of scientific curiosity.  I want to know if it's really possible.  It's just so hard to follow the diet!  You can't have any alcohol.  You can't have anything made with vinegar or citric acid (canned tomatoes).  Basically, I can eat low-carb veggies, some nuts, almond milk, chicken, salmon, eggs, beef and some other types of meat.  

You have to be creative on this diet.  I can eat homemade salsa.  But, I can't eat chips.  So, I ate my salsa on cucumber rounds.  I'm not supposed to eat that many avocados.  But, I have been. I've been eating guacamole with celery sticks.   

The funny thing with the diet is that there seems to be very many versions.  I have 5 books on the subject and some of them are conflicting in what you can and can't eat.  Some allow raw carrots, some don't.  Some say you can eat bell peppers, some say you can't.  So, I read them all and do what I can do.  I figure at any rate, I'm at least eating healthier.  After 2 weeks to a month, I'll start adding in some gluten-free grains, some beans and some low-sugar fruit so that I have a more rounded diet.  

For now, I've done pretty well, except that I cheated and had Wendy's chili and a value sized fry last night.  I like their new fries.  So, I'm basically back to square one today.  But, I did not cave and eat the cupcakes, brownies or donuts that are sitting around for Logan's birthday.  I did not use my little slip as an excuse to just go crazy.  It was a minor setback.  And in the major scheme of things, it was less junk and sugar than I have been eating for the last several months.

I know it's embarrassing, but have you ever had to deal with this before?  Did you have something that worked for it?  I'm ready to wear sandals again!!

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