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This post was originally posted on my Fit, Fun and Fashionable over Forty blog on January 19, 2012.  But, since I'm consolidating, I've brought it over here. . . . because Courtney is awesome!

It was my intention when I started this blog (Fit, Fun and Fashionable) to Feature amazing people over forty.  And now, for the very first time (drum roll please!!!) we are having our Feature Me Friday!  I met our very first guest through voiceBoks.com; a wonderful place for bloggers to meet and make real connections. Today, I'm going to introduce you guys to Courtney from Mommy Lady Club.
Q&A with Courtney
Most people always ask the question, so how long have you been blogging? And I wasn't going to ask it. But. . . how long have you been blogging? 
 Technically I started blogging in July 2009 with our LaDy LaDuke business blog, but the real blogging with Mommy LaDy Club, with my sister Betina and me, started in February 2011.
 You know my other blog has the words "heartfelt balance" in the title. I know that since I've started blogging, I'm a little off-balance. I feel like I'm missing out on some things that I used to enjoy doing. . . like reading fictional books. I used to go through 3 books a week sometimes. Is there anything that you miss because your time for it has been displaced?
I used to take ballet class once a week, trying to keep up on my technique. I gave up the toe shoes long ago, but I do miss class, since I did that from the age of 10. There's something soothing about the repetition of exercises, and even though you can't make your body do as much when you're older, there are certain things you obtain only with age, that you finally understand after years of trying.
 You own your own business. How did LaDy LaDuke come about? And how long have you been doing it?
The story behind LaDy LaDuke is a good one, and I was just visiting my sister-in-law, and she remarked on how funny it was that she inspired the whole thing…

While struggling to breastfeed at the pumpkin patch in October of 2008--chasing her toddler, and tugging at the back of her shirt to keep covered, she said at the time, "I wish there was a nursing cover that came around and covered my back too." Betina and I were there together, looked at each other, and replied, "why don't we make one?" 
That was the start of The Feeder Frock. I really didn't even know how to sew then, and I had no idea that I could actually design things in my head, and then create them. I think I've always had good business sense, but I didn't know a thing about the "computerworld" really. I dove right in...doing a lot of homework, research and sewing, and it all just developed. We opened an Etsy Shop, took a Feeder Frock down to a local Boutique to see if the owner would carry it, and here we are three years later with over 25 Feeder Frock styles and another nursing cover invention of mine, The Nouveau Nursing Cover.
Where do you see your business going from here?
I'd like to see LaDy LaDuke become a known brand, even if it's just word of mouth among Moms that we are top notch, and continue to grow our product lines. There is always something new that I'm working on, or thinking about with design and ideas, but overall, I want LaDy LaDuke to remain made in the USA, and still offer handmade no matter how big she gets. I relish that future challenge, and would love to defy that notion that you have to have cheap labor in other countries to make it as a business.
How can we see or follow your business? Blog?
 You can find all of our Shops on our website: www.ladyladuke.com I'm also adding the ability to buy our items right on our site too. The best place to follow sales and deals and new things I'm working on is our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LADYLADUKE
Back to the "balance" thing. . . . How DO you balance a family, a business, a blog? What's the one thing in your life that might suffer. I know for me, it's the housework. That's one thing I'm willing to let slide a little.
 I have to admit, the only way I'm balancing family, business and blogging if I am, is because my step-daughters are grown, and I have my sister as back up on everything, as my expert consultant and sounding board. My husband is supportive too, but when he's hungry, and I'm still on my computer, the whole thing is an annoying hobby to him, and thinks the whole blogging world just might be made up. You do have to live in the blogging world to understand it, and I notice that it is a very inside club thing. People outside just don't get it.
And now for the questions that go along with the title of my blog. . .
What is your favorite way to stay in shape?
To stay in shape, I'm back running up the hill near our house. I like that it's right there outside my door, it's really difficult and steep, and it is over very quickly.
What is one fun thing that you want to try this year that you've never done before?
 I'd like to take a train across the US. I love the European trains...how you can see everything outside your window, and the motion of the train is relaxing. I'd like to see places here at home like that too.
 What is your favorite thing in your closet right now? 
 My favorite thing in my closet right now are my BCBG cow hair cheetah print dyed pumps.
What is your favorite thing about this age/stage of your life?
 I like my 40's actually. I feel comfortable in my own skin, and feel like I've paid a few dues. I've definitely earned my grey hair and like it. I'm learning so many new things, and feel like I have more guts to try things. The unknown when I was younger was so daunting, but now I know it's supposed to be unknown. That's life...and you'd better wing it, and fly by the seat of your pants or you're not living!
Thank you for "stopping by", Courtney!


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