My life in Clothes (Well, what I remember!)

It's funny how styles change and change and change and come back and change and come back again.  I was trying to remember today all of the different styles that I've worn in MY life.  So, here's what I remember. . .

See how many of these you wore or remember!
The '70s
My mom used to sew some of our clothes.  The things that stand out in my mind were an outfit that was a color blocked polyester halter top that tied around the neck.  One side was purple and one side was white.  And the shorts were one side purple, one side white as well.  I also remember bell bottoms from the first time around.  I used to think I was the coolest little thing running around in my bell bottoms and halter tops!  

That was also the time I reeeaaally wanted a pair of black and white saddle oxford shoes.  That was what all the cheerleaders wore and I wanted to be like the cheerleaders.  The end of the 70's --I don't really remember a whole lot of the fashions. 

Oh!  And feathered hair a la Farrah Fawcett.  

The '80s
Early 80s I don't remember much.  I think I was in the 5th grade when the decades changed.  Around 1982 the whole Valley Girl thing started.  Then it was miniskirts, legwarmers and ballet flats, oxford shirts with skinny ties.  Bright purple eye shadow, liner on the lower inner lids and blush that looked like streaks!  Remember afros?  Everyone had one.  I was blessed enough to have an afro, zits, braces and big glasses all at the same time.  Then, around 1983 or so, all of the fluorescent colors came in.  I think I had some fluorescent pink stuff--maybe a sweatshirt and legwarmers, which by this point we were wearing over our jeans.  

Then, there was paint-splattered clothes, folded ankle boots, then later, bleached jeans, big shoulder pads, big jackets, big shirts, leggings, stirrup pants, unitards, big hair, jelly shoes, skinny jeans, more big hair, Miami vice jackets and pastels, surfer shorts, high tops, off the shoulder tops, off-centered ponytails, suspenders, Coca-Cola shirts and sweatshirts.

The '90s
By the time the 90s rolled around, I was already in college.  Then, I remember harem pants, crop tops, bell bottoms came back in.  There were color-changing shirts, see-through shirts, see-through pants.  Babydoll tops, leggings, Daisy Duke shorts, dye-matched Tshirts and jeans and/or shirts and socks. The Friends haircut.  Slouchy socks.  Stove pipe pants, more wide-leg pants.  High-waisted pants, low-waisted pants.  Lower-waisted pants. Navel rings. Overalls.

Boot Cut jeans, low-rise jeans, straight hair without bangs.  Then, nothing really stands out in my mind because I stopped working retail, got married, had kids and became boring.

What do you remember from these decades?


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