Our Zoo Pics From The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo circa 2012

The kids were on Spring Break 2012 last week.  It snowed and was cold for a couple days.  But, we were lucky that the only day that we were able to go to the zoo ended up being a nice day! Unfortunately, the 8 year olds are not much into it any more and kept telling us that they were bored.  I'll probably still renew my membership, because I've had it since The Builder turned 1 yr. old.  I just can't imagine NOT having a zoo membership now.  And it's nice during the winter, because we can pop over to the rainforest for a couple hours if we're bored.  It's 80 degrees inside all year round.  And they have a pretty good little cafe in there.  Last week, we only went to the zoo, though.  Here you go!

We finally went into the Elephant Crossing and saw the Meerkats.  The Elephant exhibit was gone from the Cleveland Zoo for three years while they rebuilt the elephant exhibit.  We saw the elephants a couple times after they returned last year, but we didn't actually walk through where the other animals were.
Hi Little Guy!

What it would sound like if you had Kangaroo Ears.
The bridge to the treehouse in Australia.  They have a tube slide the kids can slide down.  Then they can go see the crocodile (he's animatronic)
The Cleveland Metroparks zoo has a wolf exhibit.  You can sometimes see them from a distance.  I think they're more active when it's cooler out.  When we got there, this wolf was pacing back and forth RIGHT in front of the window.  But, he was moving so fast, none of us could get a picture.  I have a lot of nice reflections of other people's kids.  And the wolf usually looks like a ghost in my pictures.
The Polar Bear was swimming around having a good time.  His paws were so funny when he was diving down to the bottom of the pool.  I didn't get a picture of that, though.
The camels looked like they were hugging.
How cool is this tulip (?).  We had never seen one of the spiky ones before!
Learning about the Giraffe
 Quick!!  Someone tell me why Flamingos are pink!  
I never noticed before and could not get a good picture of it. . . flamingos have a layer of black feathers on the underneath back tips of their wings.  This was the best I could do. . . .  . the picture is blurry because the flamingos would not stand still with their wings out!!  But, can you see the black? Very cool!  And it might be the inspiration for an upcoming "Daily Fashion Post"

When was the last time you went to the zoo?

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