Saturday at the Market | Daily Fashion Post

This dress caught me eye immediately.  It's available at H&M online (UK, of course).  I wonder if the dress is available in US H&M stores?  It's actually a little short for me as just a dress.  I'd wear it with shorts probably.   Love the earrings from Etsy.  This is more than I'd pay for just one outfit, but I could wear everything with other things in my wardrobe.  The wood bead necklace?  It's $30, but great for summertime--you could even wear it with just a white tee, denim shorts and the sandals.  It's very versatile, so you'd get your money's worth.  I also love the bracelet.  It's from Wet Seal.  I worked at Wet Seal for several years while I was still in college and after I moved back home.  For the most part, they're a little young for me now.  But, I can still get accessories and basics from there!

This is part of my Daily Fashion post challenge.  You can check out all of my other Daily Fashion Posts and let me know which outfits and collections are your favorites!

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