Dreaming of Vacationing in Europe

I have wanted to visit Europe ever since I was a young girl.  I really wanted to be an exchange student when I was in high school, or go on the school trip to Europe.  I never did make it.  I would love to put Europe on my 50 before Fifty list (that would be a good one for my "use passport again" listing).  But, I'm afraid that might be too much of a stretch for us. Although, I do still have eight years to do it. . . .

My hubby spent one year in Europe in Germany after he got out of high school.  He did a carpentry apprenticeship over there.  So, every now and then he teases me about the fact that I haven't been there.  He would really love to go jump off the cliffs in Norway.  I would love to visit Paris, Milan, Madrid, London and all of the other smaller cities in between!

My hubby and I have become big fans of alternate places to stay when traveling.  We've stayed in cabins, bed and breakfasts, timeshares.  We usually try to find the best deal we can with the most amenities.  We especially love being able to have a kitchen when we travel so that we don't have to eat out every time.   So, it was cool to find out that if we ever make it to London, we can stay at one of the London apartments in the city.  

Another thing my hubby and I have become a big fan of are tours while we're on vacation.  Mike was never a big fan of tours before he met me.  Then, we went on a couple and he really had a good time.  There are little secrets and info that most tour guides know that you might never find out on your own.  In London, Robert and Polly Arnold can help you find the cool sights to see and help you find one of the  London apartments that is central to what you'd like to visit.  They have over 22 years of experience in helping people find London Apartments for their visits.  So, you can visit the sights of London during the day and relax in your very own apartment at night.

Will you be visiting London soon?  Or have you ever visited London?  (I can't wait to go!)  Anyone visiting London for the Olympics? (lucky!)  

You know what?  Maybe I will add it to my 50 before Fifty list, just to make sure we get there!  The list was meant to "push" me, correct?  Have you ever gone to London with kids?  Any tips?

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