My Fantabulous Weekend!

I think I got to celebrate Mother's Day a week early this past weekend.  One of my friends needed me to be her model for a photography class that she was taking.  They were learning how to do portraits.  So, she picked me up at 10:00 and we were off!  No kids.  No husbands.  A girls day out!  My hubby gave me money and told me not to come home until it was gone.

The class was in one of the metroparks here in NE Ohio, which of course are all beautiful!  It was very interesting.  You know I put "learn how to use a DSLR camera" on my 50 before Fifty list.  I have my "bridge" camera and still haven't taken it out of it's case to figure it out!!  As I was standing there listening to them, I was thinking, "There's no way I'm ever going to learn all of that technical stuff!"  It was fun.  They were learning how to use the reflectors to shine the light on their "customer's" face.  And they were learning how to pose them so that they get the most flattering angle.  

After the class was done, we headed to the Mexican restaurant.  And I cheated on my diet.  All weekend.  And I figured if you're going to cheat. . . . . it might as well be worth it!
After the Mexican restaurant, we decided to go to an outlet mall.  It was such a pretty day, we didn't want to be cooped up inside a real mall.  Plus. . . . come on!  Do we really need more excuses to go to an outlet mall?  On the way, we stopped at a used bookstore on the side of the road.  I was good and didn't buy anything, because this is what my book shelves look like right now:
I'm a wreck people!  What you can't see, is that there are actually books behind books.  I need a real library in my house with real shelves.  I guess I'm going to have to have a whole wall dedicated just to books in my new office/craft room in the addition.

Anyway, back to my weekend.  We finally found the outlet mall.  We only had time to go to two stores.  The first one we came to was Off 5th.  I've got to tell you, I wasn't very in love with much in the store.  I did find two things that I bought.  .  .  and only because they were on the 50% off rack.  My friend tried on a dress that was originally $5,000, just because she wanted to be able to say that she tried on a dress that was $5,000.  I also got a new perfume--Bliss.  And I got a Raspberry Dark Chocolate Godiva candy bar.
After Off 5th, we went to Banana Republic.  They had loads of cute stuff!!  Unfortunately, we were running out of time and I already spent most of my money.  I did get two shirts.  On our way out of the parking lot at the mall, my friend said, "You're a happy shopper, aren't you?".  I said, "What do you mean?"  She told me that shopping is such a chore for her.  Apparently, at one point, I looked at a shirt and rubbed my hand down it and said, "Oooooo, this makes me happy!!".  And it did.  It made me very happy.  But, I didn't try it on.  Apparently, you can take the girl out of fashion retail, but you can never take the fashion retail out of the girl.  I do LOVE shopping.  And I love my chosen degree.  But, I would really never like to work retail again.

We left the outlet mall and went to her house because they were having people over.  So, we hung out in the beautiful weather and had a couple beers.  Mike and the kids met me over there and we hung out for a while.  I was falling asleep on their couch by 9:30.  They don't let me out much!! 

Sunday, I slept in late and cleaned all day.  And I loved that I finally got a chance to clean.  I'm still working on some cleaning projects, but at least I got a jump start on Sunday.

How was your weekend?

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