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I've had a lot of random thoughts this week.  I have a lot of random thoughts every week, but I'm going to take the time to write them down now.  Here are some of those thoughts from this week!

  • I have forgotten how to "do" family dinners.  Family dinner time is one of the most important things to me.  I really do believe all of the studies and everything else that say family dinner time leads to better, well-adjusted kids who get better grades, get into less trouble, etc.  But, with my hubby working nights, it hasn't happened.  More likely than not, the kids and I eat something kid-friendly on the floor of the living room.  Bad mommy!  But, I'm sure they'll remember our floor picnics, too.  My hubby keeps asking me, "Didn't you make anything for dinner?"  I respond, "Who am I supposed to be cooking for?"  The kids don't usually eat anything that I would make for the two of us.  
  • Pretty soon it's going to be too hot to cook anything anyway!  When it starts to get warm, we can't turn the oven on.  The oven has to be from the '60s since it's a lovely shade of dark brown.  It has no insulation and a great big hole at top for (venting?)  And we have no air conditioner in the house.  So, turning the oven on is not an option.  That is also why I did that week of crock-pot cooking last summer. 
  • I'm going to have "real" coffee for the first time this morning.  I quit drinking coffee over a month ago.  I've had a random coffee here and there.  And, truthfully, I didn't feel very well when I drank it again.  I felt all jittery and crazy.  But, I made a half pot this morning.  And I'm about to go get my first cup.
  • Speaking of healthier options:  I'm still trying out recipes with my rice and/or coconut flours.  It's very hard to bake with them, because they are gluten-free.  So, you have to use a lot of eggs. . . which I'm okay with.  But, you still have to get the consistency right.  I think my problem last time is that I was trying to make an "almond joy" type of cookie.  I used dried coconut, almonds and chocolate chips.  I think the coconut and almonds put Logan and daddy off.  But, Jaycee and I ate them. . . . . typical!
  • Logan only has 7 days of school left!  Then, we'll begin "The Best Summer Ever!"  We'll have 75 days of great fun!  I need to get my *stuff* together and create a playground passport.  I saw that idea somewhere and can't remember where.  So, if you were responsible for the idea, kudos to you!  But, I have no idea who to credit right now.  There are oodles and oodles of parks and playgrounds in Northeast Ohio.  Might add separate sections for beaches and nature centers, too.  That could probably keep us busy for all 75 days of summer break!
  • The kids have been taking swimming lessons.  It is outrageously expensive, but very worth it.  I can have a teeny, little bit more peace of mind this year knowing that they are a little stronger in the water.  Jaycee has almost drowned at least three times in her life before!  Luckily, we were always right there.  And we still will always be right there.  Don't think that swimming lessons will make me complacent.  But, at least this year, they'll hopefully be able to have a little more fun in the pool.
  • I still have plans on working out throughout the summer.  My friend and I signed up for the month of June.  So, we'll still be getting back into the gym at least twice a week.  Yay!
  • I'm drinking that first cup of coffee, now.
  • As for the rest of the crazy diet?  phhhhtt!  Um, yeah. . . . . it's just too hard not having a beer or wine on a holiday weekend.  Or a hotdog with a bun.  And all of those trips to McDonald's?  I'm not in love with their salads.  So. . . .    I have definitely fallen off that bandwagon.  But, I'm usually making better choices.  For the most part.  I still haven't had any Coke.  So, that's good.  It's all about the small victories, people!
  • I have to go pick out tile for the bathroom part of the addition today--for the shower.  Mike is chomping at the bit to get this addition done.  I don't know what he's doing for tile on the floor.  He found two vanities for the bathroom on Craig's List.  But, they're maple.  I guess that's okay.  But, I told him, the natural maple is starting to feel "generic" to me now.  Oh well!  Some day, when he goes away on one of his long jumping trips, I'll paint them!  Heehee.  (Just kidding, honey!)
  • We still can't find the *perfect* kitchen tile.  I guess I'm going to have to give up and just pick one.  My last tile had me spoiled.  Oh well!
  • I wish Logan would eat bananas or raisins.  It would make packing his lunch so much easier!
  • The birds are noisy in the morning!  (starting at 5:00)  But, it's nice.  : )
  • We have been blessed with gorgeous weather this entire year.
  • My eyebrows are crazy-looking!  They really need to have a little love! 
  • We're probably going to go Strawberry picking next Friday!  Hopefully we won't get rained out again this year. 
  • I'm glad that yogurt didn't make me sick last night.
  • Man!  My refrigerator needs to be cleaned out!
  • There were some other things I was thinking about, but I just can't remember them right now!!!!
What random things are you thinking about today?

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