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We'll be heading to the beach in about a month!!  We're going to Myrtle Beach to meet my parents, sister and my sister's kids.  It will be our first time going to Myrtle Beach!  I told my hubby I plan on being in my bathing suit the whole time.  So, I'll need to remember the organic sunblock, the lipgloss with SPF (I love the color of the Revlon one below--I've been crushing on that orange-y color since I did that DFP that was inspired by Audrey Hepburn the other day!)  and my big floppy sunhat.  While I was searching for bathing suits, I realized that JCrew has a lot of really cute, modest swimsuits and that some of them are on sale!  Maybe I will get a new swimsuit!  What is your favorite style of swimsuit?

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