Three weeks until Summer Fun begins!

Well, it is approximately three weeks until our summer fun begins!  Yay!  I'm so excited.  I hope to make this the best summer yet.  

My kids are getting bigger and bigger every day.  I can not even tell you how quickly this year flew by.  And the more the years go by, the quicker they fly.  Pretty soon my kids will be flying the coop and leaving me with an empty nest!

So, I intend to make this summer great!  We'll go to the beach.  We'll go to the zoo.  We'll eat lots and lots of ice cream.  We'll buy another slip 'n slide.  
We'll have more picnics and go for walks.  We'll hopefully finish the addition on our house!  We'll have bonfires when my hubby isn't building or working on the house---or we'll force him to take a break.  We'll eat smores and get sticky fingers.   We'll spend a lot more time outside. And we'll buy lots of new water toys to play with. . . bigger water guns, more water balloons, another kiddie pool, some crazy sprinklers. . .  And hopefully we'll spend a little more time in our friends' pool than we did last year.  And that means I'll need to find swim vests and other pool toys.  I hope to make memories with my kids this summer that they'll never forget!

When I start buying my new outdoor toys, I'll buy a lot of my stuff online.  You guys might already know that I LOVE shopping online.  It's much easier and less frustrating than dragging my kids with me to a store.  And there are a lot of sites out there that help me find the best deals online.  Plus, there are always a lot more choices.  If I get a chance to stay in a brick and mortar store long enough to even see what they have (before I leave screaming or crying because of uncooperative kids), there isn't usually anywhere near the variety of things I can find online.   Plus, I'm sure my kids don't want to be stuck in a store when they can be outside playing!

 Hopefully, I'll also be able to  find deals on other things that I need for summer.  We really need a new grill.  But, I don't think that's my hubby's first priority right now while he's remodeling.  And there are more things we'll need to buy for this addition!  We're hoping to have it done by the summer's end.  So, that means I'll also have to shop (online!) for a new comforter set for my room.  I'll need all of the stuff to decorate my new bathroom and bedroom. .  .  and sunroom.   That's all fun stuff, of course.  I love shopping for that stuff.

And when the work is done and we can move into the new part of our house, it will be so exciting.  I think it's going to be a very busy and fun summer!  And everything we'll have to go through for this addition will be well worth it.  Now, if we could only get my hubby to hook up the water at the outside spigots we could have fun with all of the new water toys I intend to buy!

What are you looking forward to this summer?


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