WW | May the Force be with you and Fish Tales

Oh, heck!  You guys know I can't be wordless! 
Here are some things going on around and in my world!  Look!  I get to be a hot Clone Trooper.  And apparently my hubby should ask next time before he buys a sticker for the van.  Logan didn't want to be Boba Fett.  My hubby would have loved to have been Boba Fett, but he figured Logan would want to be him.  And Jaycee-----did NOT want to be a princess.  She wanted to be a Jedi.  But, hey!  I'm okay with being a hot Clone Trooper. 
Jaycee likes to have alone time with daddy.  And the activity she asks for most is fishing. She came back this day and said, "We only caught one".  .  .  .  she hasn't learned how to tell fish tales yet!  Everyone told her "catching one is GOOD!"  
Okay, this one is going to be hard to tell. . . but our dead oak tree stick is coming back to life!  We transplanted it from a flower bed behind the "old" back of the house last year before we cut down our huge oak tree (umm. . . you can kind of see our old big beautiful oak  in this video of the porch demolition)
It seems like it has been gone for so long now.  It was such a great tree.  But, it was our intention when we bought the house to add directly onto the back of the house and there was no way to keep it.  We were all very sad.  But, this little sapling sprung up in the flower bed behind the house (which is now under the house).  So, we transplanted it, hoping it would one day replace the one we lost.  
That would be lemon balm (and weeds) around the base of it.  I'll be lucky if I can get the front yard weeded this year.  There's absolutely no way I could do the back yard.  But I should at least do the ones around this little guy.  

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!

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