Best. Summer. Ever. Day 0 through Day 5

Welcome to the BEST. SUMMER. EVER. !!
I hope that if your kids are on summer vacation, you are enjoying your best summer ever.  We have been staying pretty busy.  Last Thursday was Logan's last day of school, which I consider Day Zero.

Day 0
Jaycee and I began day 0 by meeting people at the park.  We had a great time and spent way too much time in the sun.  I got my first sunburn of the year.  And I shouldn't get sunburns at all.  I already have to go to the dermatologist every 6 months.  Protect yourselves in the sun, please!! 
 The kids ran around, free and giggling, the way only kids can do.  If only I could run around without a care in the world the way they seem to!  God bless them, they are perfect.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me.  Which is too bad, because my two mommy friends ended up trying to do gymnastics pullovers on the monkey bars! 

When Logan got out of school, we had the driveway decorated with messages from us congratulating him on finishing first grade.  So proud of him!  Then, Jaycee, Logan and I went out for Ice Cream to celebrate!  I had Mocha Chip and it was sooooo worth it!

We finished the night by having a movie night and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.  It was so cute.  The kids loved it and were laughing hysterically at several points.  I got a movie for myself to watch after they went to bed, as well.  I watched I don't know how she does it with Sarah Jessica Parker.  She is a working mom who travels a lot, but is still trying to keep her family a priority.  It was okay.  

Best. Summer. Ever. Day 1
On the actual first day of summer vacation, we went strawberry picking.  And we didn't get rained out this year!!  But, it was warm and the kids were getting kind of crazy after a little bit of time.  So, each family got at least a bucket and we're actually still working on eating the strawberries.  They are soooo good!  
After we went strawberry picking, we went home for a bit and then went to our friends' house so that the kids could go swimming.  I did not swim. . . . at 70 degrees, that water is still too cold for me!  I like my pool water like bath water. . . warm.  Well, maybe not like bath water, but I'd like at least 80 degrees!  
Then, we went home for a little break and went to watch one of our friends play t-ball.  My kids have never done anything like that before.  Neither of my kids have played team sports and my hubby and I don't.  And we don't usually attend sporting events.  We thought it would be a fun experience for them.  When I was growing up, we were always at the softball fields, running around with the other kids.
After t-ball, we got pizza and beer and went to hang out with our friends some more!  By the time midnight rolled around, I was wiped out!

Best. Summer. Ever.  Day 2
Day 2 was spent hanging out at home.  Logan built with his LEGOs.  I realize that we're going to have to have one or two days a week that we can just sit at home so that he can build.  It is his absolute favorite thing to do.  It is also why a couple months ago he said his favorite season was winter. . . so that he doesn't have to go outside and he can stay in and build.  I took the chance to do a little cleaning since we were going to have friends over on Sunday.

We cooked hot dogs and sausages on the grill.  My hubby and kids jumped on the trampoline. 
 And Jaycee sat in a tree.
And then we walked down to a neighbors house and hung out with them in the back yard listening to Jimmy Buffet.  Love me some Jimmy Buffet!

Best. Summer. Ever.  Day 3
On day 3, we had another hanging at the house day.  Logan continued to build with LEGOs and Jaycee probably played with her babydolls.

In the afternoon, we hosted a Mommy Parties Kaijudo party.  I'll be posting more about that later.  Our friends came and stayed until after dark.  The kids ran around and played together in the sprinkler and on the playset.  The parents sat on the front porch and had some cocktails together.  

Best. Summer. Ever. Day 4
On day 4, we definitely needed a chill-out day after our long weekend with friends.  Guess what Logan was doing. . . .

And in the afternoon, Jaycee's summer gymnastics session started.  So, mommy got to work out at the gym.  

The kids built tents in the living room and stayed up way too late!  
Best. Summer. Ever. Day 5
On day 5, we tried to begin cleaning the kids' bedrooms and tried to get some laundry done.  Then, both kids had swimming lessons.  They are both doing so great at their swimming class.  Hopefully, they'll be little fish really soon!  Then, we went and got ice cream!  Well, the kids got ice cream.  Mommy got coffee!

I tried to get the kids in bed earlier than the night before, because they were miserable all day from being overtired.

Now, we're on Day 6 and I have no idea what kind of adventures are in store for us!!  We're meeting people at the gym so I can work out and the kids can play.  Then. . . . . who knows!!!

How are you making it the Best. Summer. Ever.?

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