My daughter's Vision for our Vow Renewal

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day.  She dreams about what she'll look like.  She has visions of how everyone will dress and even how they'll walk!  My daughter is no different.  Except, that recently she has been "planning" that vow renewal that I've been talking about for my hubby and me.  As I said, it's not going to happen this year.  Hopefully next year we'll be able to have a huge party and do it.  (Update:  It did NOT happen until our 15 Year Anniversary and we did it in Vegas!)

But, in Future Fashionista's head, this is how it goes.
  FF will have a pretty dress to wear--it will look like mine.  They will be white with little pink roses on them. And we'll wear gloves and have a little purse and wear "one of those things you put on your head" and a little ring.  The Builder will be wearing black with a little bow-tie and Daddy will look like The Builder, too.   

If he dresses according to FF's plan he will definitely have to get a new suit!  We had a formal dinner party to go to for his work in February and we were discussing how he needs a new suit.  The only suit he has now is one that we bought the first year I moved up. . . . 12 years ago.  We bought it for a formal Christmas party for work.  He has worn that one suit for every wedding (including our own) and formal party since then.  He asked me, "Didn't I have more than one suit?"  No.  No you didn't.  We both decided it would be time to get a new one soon.  Since he's very muscular and on the shorter side, custom suits and shirts work best. 

I actually already have a dress.  I wasn't planning for any of this "formal" stuff.  I bought a dress last year as soon as I decided that I'd like to have a party.  It's just a little white ruffled sundress ((UPDATE: Which I DID end up wearing for our vow renewal in Vegas 😉)).  I thought maybe we would just do a repeat of our first reception.  We had a luau pig roast.  I always envisioned that we would just do the same thing again.  Although, this time it would "look" totally different, because we have a totally different group of friends this time.  So, there will be a lot of people who were not at the first wedding or reception. ((Update. . . again. No reception as of yet. . . ))

In FF's mind, for the ceremony, this is the order of business.  First, "we take the picture".  Then we go to the wedding at the church.  I asked FF where she was going to be during all of this.    Her answer was "We're holding onto your legs, because I want to be by you."   

Of course, I figured we'd just do everything in our backyard, including the ceremony.   Maybe we could all four walk up to the front together?  Or the boys can be standing at the front and FF and I will walk down the "aisle" together.  There are actually places online where you can find words for a vow renewal ceremony.  You wouldn't say the original vows again.  It would be different.  Then, we could exchange those matching Titanium rings I was talking about the other day!

Last week, The Builder said that he was going to be Daddy's best man.  I think that is a splendid idea!  I love that if we do this, the kids will be there with us and standing up with us as we profess our love and commitment to each other again.

I love that I can plan this together with my kids! 

Have you ever been to a vow renewal or had one of your own? 

Was it formal or casual?  At this point, I have a whole year to plan.  Yay!  I love planning parties. I'm actually getting really excited about this!  See, even big girls who have already been through their own wedding get excited about planning their wedding---again.

UPDATE PHOTOS!!! @ 2017 Vow Renewal in Vegas

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