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I have never claimed to be a Supermom.  In fact, if you're a frequenter of my blog, you know I claim quite the opposite.  But, maybe, for some reason, you've only stopped by when all the happy, joyful things are happening and you have a skewed vision of my "blissful" existence.  For YOU people, here's a little snippet of my day so far.  And I'm sure, if you're a mom (or a parent), you can relate.

First of all, anyone who tells you that they can do it all. . . work, be a mom, keep the house clean, keep hubby happy, pay the bills, do crafts, stay physically fit, create magnificent recipes and document it all in a beautiful scrapbook are full of bunk.  Last week, Jaycee had to wear Logan's underwear because we couldn't find any of hers.  I'm sure they're in a laundry basket somewhere.  My hubby had to actually go without underwear one day.  And one day, when I had to get up to do some blogging stuff and then get ready for the gym, Jaycee and I actually had to rush to get out the door on time.  So, she had to eat a quick chunk of cheese and a juice box on the way.   And we were 5 minutes late for the second time that week.

And now, here's my story from this morning.  My hubby has been working the night shift, which is not at all fun for me.  I'm thankful he has a job.  But, it makes life very difficult.  I always feel like I have to keep the kids quiet in the morning so that they don't wake daddy.  And my kids are not quiet.  In fact, you could probably take 10 normal kids and they would equal the decibel level of my 2 kids.  I always joke that my 2 kids equal 5 normal kids.  That's what happens when two people who are high-energy and possibly ADHD get married and have kids.  If you're not married yet, choose your mate wisely.  The combination of your DNA might come back to haunt you.

For the past several days, my hubby has not gotten very much sleep for one reason or another.  He usually doesn't climb into bed until almost 6:00 in the morning.  But, the other day, we were expecting the plumbing inspector and the electrical inspector for the addition to come between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning.  The plumbing inspector showed up at 8:15.  So, my hubby might have gotten two hours of sleep.  And that might be a generous estimate.  So, he went the entire day with only 2 hours of sleep.  The next day he came home and climbed into bed around 6:00 and he had to be up at 10:00 for a doctor's appointment.

So, this morning when he got into bed, he asked if I had the alarm set.  I told him "no".  I have only gotten between 4 and 5 hours of sleep each of the past 3 nights as well.  The kids and I didn't have any major plans today, so I was planning to sleep in.  He just wanted to make sure that if he fell asleep finally, my alarm wouldn't wake him up.  That was fine by me.  I would sleep as late as the kids let me.  My hubby told me, "DO NOT WAKE ME, I've cancelled the inspector for today (who had to come back because he had changes he wanted my hubby to make to some electrical things).   Okay.  I won't wake you. 

At 7:00 a.m., 5 hours after I went to sleep, Jaycee came into my room to tell me that Logan had just thrown up.  They slept together in Logan's bed last night.   If it was a normal bed it might have been okay.  Well, it probably never would have been okay.  But, it would have been easier.  But, no!  My hubby had to build them the "cool" lofts.  So, after trying to get Logan to pull his sheets together without getting vomit everywhere, I had to go up and do it myself.  I know. . . . poor little guy.  He doesn't feel well and mommy is trying to get him to work.  He is now out resting on the floor of the living room on a sleeping bag and pile of towels with a bucket next to him. 

But, that's not where the story ends.  No, of course not you're thinking. . . . no child has ever had a stomach virus and only thrown up once.  Yet, that's not what I'm talking about either.  When I finally got every stuffed animal (about 15), pillow (hmmm. . . . around 5?), blanket (around 6) and comforters (2) off the bed and onto the floor so that they could join the washing party, I began the chore of washing everything.  I loaded the washer with the first round of stuff.  I tried to wash the vomit off into the utility sink.  You know, washing the sheets with vomit on them, just makes "clean" vomit mixed into the wash.  

I was out in the living room with Logan, rubbing his back and I started to hear splashing.  I had to jump up and run to the laundry room.  I knew that sound.  It was the utility tub overflowing with the run-off from the washer.  So, the floor, that desperately needed to be mopped anyway, is now being mopped by default.  
 And that vomit that I washed off (which was not the reason the tub overflowed), was now all over the floor.  Fun!  The offending item that caused the tub to overflow was a little piece of stuffing (just big enough to fill the drain) that must have come out of one of his pillows.  And I did not see it fall into the tub when I was rinsing off the sheets, because I was busy trying NOT to throw up as I was washing the vomit off the sheets.

There probably wouldn't have been a good day for this to happen.  But, today would definitely not have been my first choice of days.  I was really planning to kick everything into high gear to get the entire house cleaned and laundry done before the kids and I leave for vacation.   AND, I was planning to take Logan to the doctor for a cough that he can't seem to kick.  I want to make sure it hasn't turned into bronchitis or pneumonia.  Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow now.  .  . which is the day before we leave for vacation.  I'm hoping that the vomiting and the cough are exclusive of each other. 

On a day when PMS is taking over (and that doesn't stand for POISED, MILD and SERENE. . . And, yes, I'm supposed to start my period on the day that we leave for a beach vacation),  I could be feeling a little sorry for myself and frustrated.  But, I got an email with a link to this blog post from Internet Cafe Devotions called "Grateful or Entitled" and I decided to read it AND be grateful.  I invite you to check it out.  It couldn't have come at a better time for me!

I'm waiting for my hubby to ask me later, "Why didn't you wake me?". . . . yeah, right!

Are you a Supermom?


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