Thinking about our 10 year anniversary

My hubby and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!  If you haven't heard how we met, you can read our backstory.
I can't believe it has been 10 years.  And we've known each other for 18 years!  And I've lived in Ohio for 12 years!!  Time flies way too quickly.

I was hoping to have a 10 year anniversary/vow renewal blowout this year.  And maybe we could get matching black titanium rings.  We've never been your "typical" couple.  My hubby doesn't even wear the ring that was his "wedding" ring.  And even if he did, it doesn't match mine.

Wanna hear a funny story about our rings?  When I moved to Ohio, I had a "one year plan" in my head.  I figured if I left my friends and family and the entire life that I knew in Florida, he would need to ask me to marry him within that year.  .  .  OR I was packing up my stuff and moving back to Florida.  We were still together after that first year I moved up.  

Now, I knew that we were going to get married.  But, he hadn't asked me yet.  So, I dressed up in the dress that I was wearing the night we met--the night he said, "You ladies wanna be my backup singers?"  in that deep, funny voice.  I wore the dress and planned this whole night to ask him, "Can we get married on the anniversary of the day we met?  It's on a Friday next year." 

After that, I was actively looking at rings and deciding what style I wanted.  I decided I wanted a princess cut with a band that looks kind of like a ribbon with little "knots" on the side. That's always how I've described it.   I had seen it in a magazine or a store and decided that I liked it. 

At Christmas time that year, we were out shopping around and I showed his brother the style of ring I wanted.  The next day was Christmas Eve.  We were on our way to his parents house for Christmas Eve festivities and I casually said, "You know, I don't think I like that ring anymore!"  We left and started driving to his parents house.  I went to grab his hand one time and it was sweaty.  I said, "Wow!  Your hands are so sweaty!".  Then he took a different way to his parent's house and I said, "Where are you going?!?  This isn't the way to your parent's house!"  "Honey, can we hurry?  I have to pee."  He pulled up to this overlook and asked me to marry him. . . with the ring I had JUST told him I didn't like any more.   He was so nervous.  

Since we're not your typical couple, I figured he wouldn't ask me on Christmas Eve.  That's just waaay too traditional.  But, he did.  And I cried.  And I LOVED the ring.  I almost gave the poor guy a heart attack though.  He had the ring specially made.  He picked out the stone and everything.  Can you imagine what he was going through?

He got his ring from an older lady that he used to do some odd jobs for.  It was a gold ring with another couple's inscription on it.  She offered it to him for his wedding band and we accepted it.  She had gotten it from an estate sale of one of her friends.  The kids of the person were going to sell it off and she couldn't stand that it was going to go to someone she didn't know.  

So, our rings don't match.  And, as I said, my hubby doesn't wear his ring.  In his line of work, it's too dangerous.  He doesn't want it to get caught on something and lose a finger!  

But, for our 10 year anniversary, it would be nice to get some kind of matching rings to celebrate our 10 years of putting up with each other. . .er, I mean "wedded bliss".  

The typical 10 year anniversary gift is aluminum or tin.  I was thinking more like titanium.  Black titanium rings to be exact.  We're not your "typical" couple.  People have always considered me to be a bit eccentric.  And, he jumps off buildings and bridges for fun, for goodness sakes.  So, why be normal? Actually, I like these rings because they still resemble my original engagement ring.  And then (although it would be somewhat typical), we could have matching rings finally!

OR, if we really wanted to be different, we could get matching 10 year anniversary titanium bracelets.  Not too sure about that.  I'd rather have the ring.  I would be more likely to wear a ring. 

At any rate, because of the remodel/addition this year, we will probably be waiting until our 11 year anniversary to do a big celebration and vow renewal.  I would love to be able to exchange new rings.  And the ring above could replace the generic band that I bought the first time.  Another funny story.  My engagement ring is really enough that it could be the entire thing without having an actual band.  But, I didn't want to give up the ring so that they could have it before the wedding.  So, I bought a cheap little white gold band that they could have to give to me during the wedding.  I still wear it.  But, the one above would look better with my engagement ring because it mirrors the shape. 

Hmmmm. . . . I wonder how I can get my hubby's ring size so that I can do this!  Maybe I'll surprise him with a ring this time.  Wouldn't it be lovely to do a vow renewal and have new rings to signify 10 (or 11) years of being together?


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