Childhood Memories | Playing in the Sprinkler

It seems like playing in the sprinkler is almost a rite of passage during childhood.  I remember playing in them when I was little.  It's the next best thing to having a pool in your own backyard.  Sure, I remember having a slip 'n slide and little kiddie pools.  We even had an above ground pool once.  But, what I REALLY remember is playing in the sprinklers.  None of the other stuff lasted as long (have you ever had a slip 'n slide last longer than a couple weeks?).  The sprinklers were a permanent fixture in our yard.

My dad had a lawn sprinkler system installed in our yard.  I remember we had two of them close to either corner of the house in the front yard and probably two in the back yard.  We had the type that went in almost a full circle and then came back again.  So, we used to try to jump over it as it came around.  I can still remember the kkshh, kkshh, kkshhh, kkshhh, kkshh sound.   We used to love when my dad had to water the yard.  I remember we had a switch on one of the posts on the back porch that would flip the sprinklers on and off.  Since they were in-ground sprinklers and had the switch, that was the easiest way to enjoy water fun.  

At our house now, we have to have a hose and attach it to a sprinkler when the kids want to play in the water.  Jaycee would play in it every day several times a day if we let her.  We bought a couple different sprinkler heads at a garage sale a while ago.  So, we have several different choices for her.  The one she had attached to the bottle the other day was one of them.  And then we have a little round one.  And then of course we have the standard yard sprinkler that does the whole back and forth arc thing.  That kind is perfect for actually jumping through a wall of water!  

I think this picture was Jaycee's first time playing in a sprinkler.  Her love for playing in water has just grown since then!
 I think that sometime this year I will actually get out there and run through the sprinkler with her.  I think I'm going to try a lot of things from childhood to see if they are as fun as I remember them!!   
Why should the kids have all of the fun? 

  Do you think it will still be fun?  When was the last time you played in a sprinkler?  I think it sounds like a great way to make this 


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