Crazy things you see on Road Trips | South of the Border, Dillon, South Carolina

I figured it was about time I started making some of those vacation posts!  I've probably been home long enough for recovery.  .  .  .  although I still don't even have my suitcase unpacked.  Seriously.  What's wrong with me?  Maybe I'm waiting for another trip to just magically present itself and I won't have to repack?  I really would stay on trips 90% of my life if I didn't have any other commitments and money was no object.  I would be a gypsy. This post is some of the photos that we captured when we happened upon something we were NOT expecting on our road trip!

Our vacation this year was a road trip from Ohio to South Carolina.  My parents have a time share and we go to a different place every year.  My stepmom decided she was ready for another beach vacation.  The past three years we've been to Virginia, Canada and Pennsylvania -- far away from beaches.  The first couple times we used the time share as a family, we went to Sanibel Island and Panama City Beach.   But, those trips were both in Florida and required a long trip for my hubby and me.  So, the past three years was a way for us to not have to travel as far. Of course, it made it a looooong trip for my parents!  I can't imagine their drive from Central FL to Canada.  It was an eight hour trip for US from NE Ohio to Canada.  And it's just on the other side of Lake Erie!

We've been going on family vacations since I was pregnant with Future Fashionista.  That was our first time using my parents' time share as a multi-generational family vacation.  The Builder would have already been two by then, but I think it was the perfect time to start. 

So, back to my story about our road trip THIS year.  Since my stepmom wanted to do a beach vacation this year, we chose South Carolina.  I believe it was a 9 hour trip from Florida for them and a 12 hour trip from Ohio for us.  We were south of Myrtle Beach in Surfside Beach.

Since we couldn't get into the timeshare until the Sunday of Father's Day, we decided to make the most of our trip on Saturday.  We drove to North Carolina on Saturday night and stayed at an Inn.  That part of our trip, although it was the longest part, wasn't that bad.  

On Sunday, we drove from North Carolina to South Carolina.  This part of the trip is on back country roads that are for the most part only two lane roads.  On the way down to South Carolina it wasn't too bad.  I remember passing lots of cornfields, churches and vegetable stands. 

And then, when you start getting close to the border, THIS happens!  This is why I LOVE road trips.  You just miss these kind of things when you're flying above them in a plane.  This is on Highway 301 in Dillon, South Carolina.

 We thought, "Apparently, Pedro thought he was going to build a Disney-Land type attraction just south of the North Carolina border." Although, that's not what really happened!  You can read the history of South of the Border at their website. 

Their Reptile Lagoon is supposed to be the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the U.S.
Also, you can apparently go up into the Sombrero Observation Tower.  It is over 200 feet high and has a glass elevator.

If your kids are getting a little rambunctious in the car and are beginning to drive you crazy, you can stop and let them play.  They have several children's rides including a Ferris Wheel, a train, bumper cars and other rides.  And they have two 18 hole miniature golf courses. 

Do you love finding places like these on road trips?

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