Daily Fashion Post | Date Night with my Little Man

Logan and I are going to have our date night tonight.  We got a hotel so that mommy isn't distracted by the computer, Jaycee or Daddy or housework or anything else that might threaten to divide my attention.  He wants to go to Olive Garden because he loves the breadsticks.  I love that I can get extra pepperoncinis on the salad!  And who knows what else we'll do.  I like this outfit because denim shorts are easy.  I love denim!  And it's been cool the last couple nights, so I can finally wear that black blazer of mine.  The stripes give it just a little more style.  I needed a pair of earrings that I could wear that wouldn't risk getting bounced around if we do something like lazertag or anything else that's kid-friendly.  The same goes for the flat shoes.  More kid activity friendly.  And the bracelet?  It's a bangle.  Only one piece to take off if I need to lose the bracelet.  But, it looks like a stack, right?  Very cool.  And I need a bag big enough to stash stuff we need, but is easy to carry. So, there you go!  Date night with my little man.
Denim Shorts, Black Blazer, Striped top

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