Daily Fashion Post | Fit and Flare Dress, Coral Accessories

My hubby does not like most of the summer tops and dresses I have because they are closer to having an empire shape than a fit and flare shape.  I think he'd like this shape better because it actually shows a waistline.  But, I'm sure he'd think it's too "old-fashioned".  But, that's exactly why I LOVE it!  I love the nude patent shoes.  I didn't want to go matchy-matchy with the purse, but I still wanted patent.  So, I chose this coral color.  I was originally going to do pearl accessories, but I came across this coral necklace from JCrew.  I think it's a pretty shape with this dress and goes well with the purse.  
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Fit and Flare Dress with Coral Accents

What is your favorite shape dress?  


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