Home Addition Update | Bigger Kitchen Window, Blown-In Insulation and More

We are finally moving along at a pace that my hubby is happy with during this addition to our home.  It seemed at one point that we were stalled.  And he was not happy with that.  He subcontracted out the electrical, plumbing and HVAC to other people in the area.  And it was nice because he traded labor with all of them, so that helps to keep our cost down.  The electrical and plumbing are done and we've received the green sticker from the city inspectors on those.  The HVAC guy was here last night and finished what he needed to finish.

The next step is for us to receive the green light on our HVAC and structural inspections.  Those inspectors will be coming tomorrow.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.  As far as the HVAC goes, we've been piping the air into our house from the back half of the house since this heat wave began a couple weeks ago.  It has helped a lot!  

Another good thing that has happened is that we put a bigger window in the future kitchen.  We have that huge sunroom with all of the windows off the back of the kitchen, but we only had one little 3 x 4 or whatever sized window there.  A while ago I brought up that it would be nice if we could have more windows to let the light in from the sunroom.  My hubby decided that would be a good idea and he switched the window out.  When I saw it I was very impressed and happy!  My hubby keeps teasing me that I haven't been impressed or happy with anything that's going on with this addition.  When I said, "Wow!" with the kitchen window, he told me it was the first time I've ever even made any mention of happiness or excitement about what's going on with the house.
Now THAT's a Window! The opening on the right will be our French Doors. Between the big kitchen window and the French Doors, we should get a good amount of natural light.

 Yesterday, the guys came and did the blown-in insulation on the outside walls.  It is amazing the difference in temperature back there now.  I'm so excited that we're going to be more energy efficient here!  Now I won't feel so bad about running the air and heat in the new, bigger house.  We are almost doubling the size of our current house and I don't want the utility bills to double as well.  My hubby redid the insulation on the front of the house when he built the front porch two years ago.  So now, the only outside walls that need to have the insulation redone are the walls on the outside of the current bedrooms.   An insulated house makes Michelle a happy girl!
Other things that have been accomplished in the past couple weeks:
  • My hubby started building the shower pan for the walk-in shower in the Master Bath.
  • He started dry-walling in some of the smaller rooms.  
  • He started hanging the rest of the siding on the outside--he had a doorway cut into the side, but he had to board it up so that the spray foam guys could spray.  So, he hadn't sided because he couldn't finish the whole thing with the opening in the side.  Now, the opening is closed and the siding can be done.

Apparently, when you build a shower pan, you have to have one layer of mortar.  Then, you put a liner.  Then, you make another layer of mortar.  Then, that's what you tile on top of.  Everyone has told my hubby that the water will go through the tile, through the top layer of mortar and then hit the rubber liner.  No matter what.  The water will go through the top layers of tile and mortar.  
First, he had to have a layer of mesh.
 Then he had to put bars in to get the correct angle to the drain, then he mortared. 
Here, he is laying down the rubber layer on top of the first layer of mortar.
Then, the bars go again on top of the rubber to make sure the water goes at the correct angle to the drain.
2nd layer of mortar is done and the drywall is going up!
Next step for the shower is the hard part:  choosing the tile.  We went one time last week and we just can't find anything that we can agree on that's reasonably priced! 
The next steps for the addition:
  • Pass the inspections tomorrow!
  • Once the structural inspections pass, hubby will begin on the Master Bedroom and Master Bath.
  • Drywall work will be contracted out.
  • Mudding will be done.
  •  Move our stuff from our current bedroom into the new Master suite. 
  •  Move Jaycee into our current room.
That's as far as my knowledge goes right now.  I would assume he would finish the new kitchen after that.  We want the addition to be completely done as soon as possible so that we can refinance the house and roll the cost of the addition into the mortgage while interest rates are still low.  We're hoping to maybe get a 20 year loan for close to the same price we're paying now.  We'll see how those interest rates go!  That's why my hubby is trying to get it done.  We don't want to miss out on the low rates.  Otherwise, we'll just keep everything where it is now and pay it off--which wouldn't be a tragedy.  But, if it would be financially beneficial to do the other, we will.  We'll really have to crunch the numbers.

I am so impressed by everything that my hubby has done and how he is juggling it all!  
(I really am impressed and happy, Honey!)

Do you have any home projects going on right now?

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