How our Summer To-Do List is Coming along

We started a summer to-do list one time when we were waiting in the van before school got out.  This is what was on our list:

  • Get More Water Balloons -- We've been looking for ours for the past couple days and haven't found them--so we really do need to buy more!
  • Go to Chuck E Cheese (if it's raining) --We met grandma on Thursday.  It wasn't raining, but it has been a dry, dry summer.  If we wait for rain, we might not go.  And mommy likes to play Skee Ball!!  I'm still trying to get to that 450,000 score to win the extra tickets!!  I made it up to 310,000 on Thursday. 
  • Go to the Park (every park we can find)--We've made it to the obvious ones around us.  We still need to travel out a bit.  I still have not created our "passport"
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream--I need to get the ice cream maker down off the shelf in the garage and look up recipes.  It's hard to make a big batch using the ziploc bag method!
  • Play in the Sprinklers--We finally got the outside water hooked back up and Jaycee has played in the sprinkler a couple times a week.  Logan doesn't play outside as much any more.  He actually said he doesn't like summer because he has to spend time outside and he'd rather be inside playing with LEGOs.  I actually played in the sprinkler on the 4th of July!!  I told you guys I needed to try it again. 
  • Blow Big Bubbles
  • Read books in the hammock--My kids aren't into reading books as much any more.  They'd rather be doing something--like playing in the sprinkler or playing with LEGOs.
  • Go Garage Saling--I think we did most of our garage saling this year before school got out.  Truthfully, we don't have room for any more stuff in this house right now!  But, it sure is fun finding stuff.  We'll definitely need to make one day of it, soon.
  • Play putt-putt--We played when we were in the Myrtle Beach area.  You can still expect all of my vacation posts soon!
  • Swim in Lisa's Pool--The kids have gone several times.  And I actually got in the last time we were there.
  • Go to Beach--We spent a couple hours in the ocean on vacation and we've been to one of the local beaches here on Lake Erie
  • Go to Amish Country--We did make it down when my mom was here.  I'll be posting about it soon, hopefully!
  • Go to the zoo--We went with the youngest kids before the big kids got out of school.  We still need to go again, but Logan gets bored at the zoo now.  He would rather be at home playing with LEGOs.
  • Get a Kiddie Pool--Still need to do this.  Our old one has cracks in it. 
  • Have a bonfire--We've had bonfires this year so far, but it has been a while.  And we haven't had a big one yet (meaning number of people, NOT size of fire.  The fire is always big)  But, it has been so dry, I'm not sure about this one.  Last year it was too wet all year and this year it is too dry!
  • Picnic--Logan says we haven't done a picnic yet this summer.  So, I'm gonna take his word on it.  We'll have to plan one soon.
  • Nature Centers--We've been to two so far.  There are several more we need to go to.  Each county in Northeast Ohio has their own Metropark system and their are countless Nature Centers.  We have several more to choose from!  
We need to add some stuff to our list!   What do you have on your list???

I'm thinking about adding:

Go to the Dollar Movie
Watch a sunset up by the Lake
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Train (?)
Go hiking again

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